(t)his week with the Divine      

08 Dec 2021

I was thinking this heading would be a good title for my blog. I often write up the larger experiences I have with the divine, but so many smaller messages go unsaid. Today, I thought I would mention some of those experiences from this past week or so.

During the night I woke, and the word Mary came to my mind. I questioned, Mother Mary? Then was said, ‘Mary Magdalene.’ I had never been in the presence of Mary Magdalene and was quite taken aback. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just asked a few questions. -Are you still close with Mother Mary as you had been on earth? Response: ‘No mystery.’ What I understood to mean, of course. –Do you still work closely with any of the apostles? There was an immediate response: ‘James.’ Then I asked if the apostles were still spreading the word of God upon the earth. I thought I heard a response, but the connection had faded. The conversation had ended. *I was extremely humbled and thankful for the visit from Mary Magdalene. As is common with my divine communications while I am awake, they are often short and leave me yearning for more.

I was talking to a young man who does not believe in God. Just by talking for a while, the reasons he didn’t have faith were spilled from his spirit. As is so often the case, there is pain in one’s life that has created a roadblock between them and their path to God. That pain is connected to sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, disappointment, disillusionment, stubbornness and all sorts of disconnection feelings. In most cases, it also keeps them from forgiving. Finding one’s own way through this blockage is often unachievable, and that is where friends and family fit in. We can help by praying for them, by letting them know we care, by letting them know through commitment that we are not going to give up on them, and by being the testimony, the reminder, and the occasional nudge they need to remember that God has not given up on them. God loves us with the same immense love whether we reciprocate it or not. If we never call out to God to receive him, we are denying him, and he will not interfere with our free will. And with great sadness, Christ will allow us to walk on our own, even if it means for all eternity.

Before bed one night, these words were imbedded in my mind: ‘Jesus was not only born in the flesh on this earth 2000 years ago; he is born into every heart there ever was, every heart there is and every heart there ever will be to come.’ *Powerful words, and a great message to us to seek him there.

On another night I dreamed… There was a deep valley that stretched out a half mile before my eyes. It was filled with more than a hundred thousand spectators. At the base of the valley, there was a large square ring, similar to a boxing ring. Two men climbed inside the ring. They were both very large men. The fight was long and grueling but eventually the slightly smaller fighter defeated the larger one. At that point, several men rushed into the ring and guided him to a platform above the ring where he stood and the crowd roared its approval. IN the next scene, I was sitting in the valley with a group of people, but there was no fight. We were waiting for someone to come speak to us about God. Most sitting near me had bibles or secular books of other religions in hand; as there were people of many different faiths and denominations present. There was clearly less people at this event, maybe a thousand along the south side of the hill. Below and across the valley from us, there was no one. A man finally appeared from behind the hillside to the east. There was a gasp. He was a giant of a man, standing better than ten feet tall. He made his way along the line of people, shaking hands. He shook the hand of the woman next to me, and then looked toward me. He said, Hello. I shook his hand, or actually, maybe two of his fingers. As I did, a woman rushed up beside me. She slapped the large man in the chest, and called out something in vulgar language. I immediately sensed that the giant was not there to speak to us of God, but to deceive us instead. *There were multiple messages here concerning false gods and prophets.



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