Need HELP removing ghosts or bad energy from your home or business!


Search4Spirits has experienced lead investigators and healers on the team who will provide peaceful resolution to both the living and the dead. The team also is well versed in spiritual warfare and will assist you in those matters by providing the spiritual tools to keep yourself and your property protected going forward. And we follow up on every case to see how you are doing.

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We understand the fear and anxiety that you have been dealing with. There is nothing you can tell us that will 'sound crazy.'

We offer help by email, text, phone or in person.

IN PERSON: Search4Spirits (S4S) offers its in-person services at NO fee for locations within 150 miles of Minnesota Area Code 56377, MN. Those outside 150 miles may be asked to cover mileage based on the standard mileage rate (currently 57.5 center per mile). Those locations that require a flight, the client is expected to provide transportation (flight expenses for two plus 50% of rental car fees) as well as housing, whether it be at your home or a nearby hotel. We will cover our own food and misc. expenses.

Donations are accepted (click here to donate).

Search4Spirits is a Christian Organization

Learn more below on:

- Services offered
- Property Owner request for an investigation
- Open request for an investigation
- Be a Guest Investigator
- Become a S4S Team Member

Services Offered:

- Complete an investigation to assist in identifying what the trouble is, where it came from and how to deal with it

- Cross over willing (and ready) spirits

- Remove unwilling spirits, nonhuman entities and demonic energy

- Cleanse/Sage (Smudge) persons/property to rid of negative and residual energies

- Provide spiritual/supernatural counseling and protection tools

- Bless and/or pray over persons and property (home and auto)

- Walk throughs to identify occult or false God items that may be creating bad energy

- Safe removal of items infected by attachments or carrying residual from spirits, negative energies or demonic handling.

We have investigated and experienced a multitude of unexplainable events to include ghosts, demonic activity to include satanic and occult influences, elementals and non-human entities, bigfoot and cryptozoology activity, UFOs and aliens, human-influenced negative- and anxiety/fear-based energies, time warps, and unknown plasma/energy activity.

Property Owners:

If you are a home or business property owner or renter experiencing unexplainable events, send an email to:
Include your complete address, a brief description of what you have been experiencing, and the best way to contact you.

We will contact you as soon as we can to complete a pre interview, answer any questions you may have, and if needed, set up a time and date to complete the investigation, or assist you in contacting other agencies that provide additional services.

We can come to your property for one purpose: To take care of business. But in the end, it is your spiritual faith that will keep the property peaceful and free from unwanted visitors. We will provide you with a spiritual tool box to assist you.

Request to investigate sites:

Anyone can request a paranormal investigation of a site where they have heard there is paranormal activity. We will consider every request. Requests must include a good contact name and phone number of the property owner so we can contact them for permission. If your requested has been accepted, I will let you know by email when the investigation is going to occur, and also when the completed investigation is available to review on the web site or on YouTube. Please send your investigation requests to:

Guest Investigator Opportunities:

Opportunities are available for guest investigators to join the team on a paranormal investigation. You are responsible for your own transportation. Bringing a camera is recommended.

Search4Spirits is not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the investigation, in route to or on your return home. We also are not responsible for spirit attachments or any other ailments possibly associated with the investigation whether it be during, prior to or after, or at any time. Guest investigators will maintain their own personal liability insurance where necessary and assume all responsibility for any damages or issues that might occur to them, people associated to them, their property, or damage they cause to a client's property. All guest investigators will sign a release prior to the investigation.

There is no charge, but a $20 donation would be appreciated.

If you are interested in joining us as a guest investigator, please send your request to:

Become a Search4Spirits Team Member:

If you want to become a member of the Search4Spirits team, send us an email detailing your experiences, what type of paranormal investigation equipment you own, are familiar with and have used, and what tasking you are interested in (Researcher, Marketer, Investigator, Digital and Video Equipment Specialist, Investigation Permission/Appointment setter) to:

All requests will be considered, and responses will be given on all requests. We reserve the right to select or deny any member.

Members are only called to assist on paranormal investigations that are close to their home of residence, or where a specific need has been identified. Not all investigators go to all investigations. Other than an annual team event, the majority of investigations are handled by 2-4 investigators.

The S4S team is made up of all non-paid members. There are no employees, and all fees and donations go back into the S4S fund to cover investigation costs, equipment repairs and new equipment as determined by the S4S Budget Committee which consists of the Founder, and the Lead Investigator.





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