There's so much room in the Light for those who love      

22 Mar 2021

It Part 1: During the night (I rarely realize what time it is), I woke and went right into a vision. I saw a young man on the porch of a hotel or general store dated between the late 1800s and the 1920s. He wore a flat-top newsboy hat and loose clothing and he was dinging around on the wood decking. There were wooden pillars and he walked to and fro. He appeared content but I could sense that he was waiting for someone. I was sure I was meant to cross him over and immediately sent thoughts to him to encourage him to cross. I told him his family had crossed some time ago, and that he should look for the Light and to cross into it to be with them. His image didn’t last long, and I said a prayer for his release.

But I felt other spirits were present as well. I just wasn’t seeing images of them. I encouraged them to cross, and finally a woman said, I don’t think He sees us. I knew she was talking about God; not me. I told her, He does, there’s no doubt He does, but I said you need to call to Him and call out your sins to Him as well. And for the first time, I said it in such a way, ‘call out your sins and let them be a path for you to walk on toward God as you call out his name.’ I said several prayers and eventually I didn’t feel the presence any more.

I faded in and out of sleep but woke again. I thought to pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be. The minute I began praying the Hail Mary, I felt the presence of a pleasing yet powerful energy, and I knew it was either an angel or Mary herself. There was a beautiful background of music of a tune I cannot describe, and in song, I heard the words: There is so much room in the Light for those who Love each other, Love each other. I lay there and soaked in the words, and I kept sniffing at the air for flowers because I had image of the smell of flowers (That sensation would be really hard to explain, the image of a smell?!). I quickly repeated the words into my phone recorder so I wouldn’t forget. Then I prayed three more Hail Mary’s for those in Purgatory and then phased off to sleep. I had such a splendid dream following that moment.

Part 2: It was of me (or me looking through the eyes of someone) riding an old snowmobile during a storm. I had pulled an ad from the paper and saw there was a sale I wanted to go to in a neighboring town, so I headed there storm or not. There was very little traffic on the roads, and when I neared the town, I cut across a field to an old bridge that went into downtown. But to my surprise, it had been partially taken down but it was too late to stop, so I zoomed across the rickety small bridge with no railings. I nearly lost control but in the end, I made it.

I parked by a two-story apartment building. At this point, I didn’t know what country or what time period I was in. But it was a very quaint village tucked into a valley. The wind of the storm didn’t exist in the valley and it was quite pleasant out. I pulled out the ad and realized I had read it wrong and it wasn’t something I wanted at all! But I had come that far, so I decided to walk around. For reasons I didn’t know, I had brought along two lengths of berry bush branches. They had prickers on them. They were a mix of distinctive reds and I hated to toss them, but in the end, I left them lay in the yard of the apartment. I’m not sure if I had intended to trade those branches for something?

I walked toward the center of town. There was a fenced-in wildlife area downtown that was a city block in length. A stream ran through the middle of it, and there was a bridge on one side. I was on the far side when I came across a male peacock that had gotten out of the fence. I leaned over to look at it; it being somewhat tame, and the large bird jumped atop my shoulder. I walked along the sidewalk with the bird on my shoulder for half the length of the park when I saw another peacock inside the fence. It was a female. I said to the bird on my shoulder, there’s your friend. I lifted him up and game him a shove into the air, and he glided over the fence and into the park. Then I crossed the bridge and was in the downtown.

There was a bookstore and café on the corner. I went inside. It was an amazing vintage bookstore with high shelves but the most interesting part of the store was the double railing that curved like an ‘S’ through the center of the store. The railings were 20 feet apart and tables were next to the railings on each side. In between the railings was the basement? No, between the railings and below was the stream. The same stream from the park outside meandered right through the middle of the store, and you could see fish a plenty in the shallow water! It was amazing! As I stood there looking at the stream below, a woman asked an employee for a particular book. I’m not sure why this caught my attention, but I looked at the young lady as if I should recognize her; perhaps I did but didn’t remember from where. Finally they stepped out of view, and I was left looking down the length of the store. I had the thought, I would really prefer to live in this town instead of the town I did. It was so traditional and agreeable. So peaceful.