Set your mourning aside and pray, pray, pray...      

Set your mourning aside and pray, pray, pray for their eternal peace. Those were the words I heard this morning upon waking up. It was stated as if it was the answer to a question I had asked. In a way, it was. I knew she was referring to those people whose loved ones had left the earth. I know so many people that have experienced the death of a loved one in recent years. Many of those deaths were unexpected.

Meditating on these words, I became emotional, feeling for myself the compassion that Christ has for us during these hard times. But I also understood the important purpose behind the message. We would be much better served if we used the energy of those increased emotions, even if they come from pain and sadness, to pray to God for those who have passed so that those loved ones may have protections on their path and find peace in the hands of Christ as quickly as possible.

Having experienced that pain myself, I know it is nearly impossible to focus on such thoughts when one is so distraught, but I am learning more and more about how important it is to pray for the deceased. I feel this is an extremely important message, and I want your deceased loved ones to find and know peace. I trust Our Savior with all my heart, and I believe these Heavenly words were shared with me so I could share them with others, who I hope will share them with even more people.



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