Racism, and the March for Christ       

8 Sep 2020

Racism did not exist when God created man, so where did it come from?

I asked God: Why does race and culture still create division between people, and nations.

His answer: Because so many do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Included in this thought was the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was God providing us with the means to protect ourselves from evil, and guide us away from sin.

Unfortunately, the number of people who have Faith in God is dwindling with every year that passes.

Racism and cultural division has spread through mankind via sin. It is the same story over and over whether talking about the Holocaust, the slavery that existed in essentially every nation in the world, or the day-to-day racism that still exists today. The sins of greed and lust are brewed into people and societies where a Faith in God has faltered and darkness has formed a counterfeit morality.

I reflected on the incident in Minneapolis. Had either man accepted Jesus as their Savior? I answered myself: No. Neither man. And how would I know—you might ask… Because those who have Christ as their Savior do not kneel on another human’s neck until the life is smothered from them. And, they don’t live in such a manner that consistently reflects a systematic pattern of sin to include anger, hate, thievery, violence, greed, and drunkenness. At this point, someone will cry out in reference to the deceased, but he didn’t deserve to be murdered. I absolutely agree. There were a series of choices each man made that brought them together at that moment, and you would be accurate in saying, what happened that day created a message for us all. But not the message some might think.

The message I received from God on this day had to do with denying satan, and accepting Jesus Christ into our lives.

The message continued: Without Christ in every heart, people will still be poor in Faith. There will still be sin. There will still be racial inequality and injustices, and wars. Why? Because satan lives on. But, for those who have Jesus Christ as their Savior, there will be a protective and guiding light in their life, and an eternal light at the end of their life (and the voice began to get extremely excited; me paraphrasing using Bible references). The poor and the pained will be lifted up and put ‘among princes.’

At that point, I saw souls rising into the light, and those souls were greeted with great love and exhilaration, and I could see a golden crown.

There was a final image of the man who was murdered in Minneapolis. The image will be burned in my memory, and the memory of all who watched his final moments. Suddenly there were tears, but they were not just mine. My tears were mixed with the tears of Jesus. He was heartbroken at the loss of this one man.

The message for those struggling: Call out to God. Call out to Jesus Christ your Savior, and your soul will not be lost.

To conclude: Share your love for Jesus with everyone you meet, share your testimonies, take responsibility for your faith, and especially for the faith of your children, and be active in encouraging young and old to receive Christ.

And lastly, but most important: Marching for equality may have a purpose, but you may have better results standing up in public, proclaiming your Faith, and ‘Marching for Jesus Christ.’

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