Lifted into my spirit; given the words, Divine Redemption       

20 Mar 2021

It has been a quiet couple weeks, so to speak, spiritually—a strange thing to say if one was to read my daily journals. To be more specific, by quiet, I mean I have not received any Heavenly words of wisdom lately. It made me wonder if I was doing something wrong (a feeling so human, good grief!).

I felt as if I had picked up the pace recently. I began saying the rosary. I prayed more regularly for those in Purgatory, for the safety of loved ones, for clients and whomever I could think of. I woke while it was still dark and began to ponder that apparent silence in my life…when I received the message to just pray to God and not for every person or topic that I could think of.

I gave thanks and praise to God; and said, today, God, I am just going to pray, and I will let you place those prayers where they are needed. I kicked off with an Our Father and immediately I was brought into a vision of a living Stations of the Cross. As I prayed each Our Father, I saw Jesus alive and experiencing those Stations all the way through the Resurrection until he was seated next to God in the Heavens.

Then I saw a three-tiered fountain made of stone but instead of water there were colored rocks in them. The word, Redemption was said, then Divine Redemption (God’s deliverance of mankind from the evil of sin and His restoration of man to the state of grace by an act of divine power and merciful love).

I realized I had been lifted into my spirit. Things got really busy. Our spirits have so much more insight available to them, and my spirit was taking in so much information, it was like a computer hard drive. Images passed by faster than I could make sense of them.

The word, expiation, was said very loudly (the act of making amends or reparation for sin). When I say, ‘said,’ I am hearing no words physically but it is placed within me with emphasis.

There was a long white rope, more like tape, and it stretched down a street for a long ways. The back drop was an ancient community. The buildings were made of stone and everything appeared to be one color; the buildings, the roads, and the roof tops. Someone said to me, you will be on the tail end, one of the last ones.

Then there was a callout for tea with Jesus. There was a cup in front of me, appeared to be made of stone, but before I could get my mind wrapped around it, tea time was done and off to other tasks. A woman’s name appeared typed on a piece of paper; that’s how they often appear to me unless they are voiced. They said she’s from Argentina, and I would be working with her.

In all, perhaps two hundred images passed through my mind amid other conversation. Overwhelming to say the least! I released from my spirit and was looking toward my bedroom window. The last thought I had was, how sad it is that so many don’t take the time to know God, or worse yet, choose not to believe that he exists because he is so amazing.