...the next morning when I woke up, it felt peaceful; just peaceful.

Savage, MN 02/24

...so grateful to have someone  believe me without explaining how or why. You didn't judge me and that alone gave me strength.

Rochester, MN 10/23

...it has been pretty quiet. Thank you again for all your help.

Glencoe, MN 10/23

...you came in and were so professional and I was happy you were Christian. My house is clean and lighter as there has been no sense of spirits. What a great relief to not be so scared of my home.'

Redwood Falls, MN  8/23

'That (school) building is so much calmer. Before, it was literally like walking into a fog, but now the fog is lifted.'

Hutchinson, MN 7/23

Russ, thank you so much for talking to me. I really appreciate all of your thoughts and wisdom.'

Minneapolis, MN 5/23

'I wanted to thank you for coming out...All of you were very nice. I was amazed by the things you told me...thank you for the advice and words of wisdom...

Bigfork, MN 04/23

'...this team is very real and they know what they are doing... I recommend Russ and Mark to anybody and everybody that needs some help in this field...our house is cleansed...'

Rice, MN 07/22

'It was a great thing to finally call Search4Spirits; too many years overdue. They really helped my family achieve comfort and peace in our home.'

Annandale, MN 06/22

'Russ and Mark did an investigation and blessing on our house. Our house has been extremely quiet and peaceful since they did.

ElK River, MN 05/22

'Thank you so much for coming. My mom is feeling so much better and lighter.'

Edina, MN 02/22

'I felt more at ease upstairs. Thank you.'

Business, downtown St. Cloud, MN 01/22

'Russ and Mark were great! Very kind and knowledgeable. We really appreciate everything they did to cleanse our home!'

Sauk Rapids, MN 01/22

'There is a feeling of sincere comfort about our house...We woke up the next day, and it was so peaceful and calm--no agitation. It no longer feels like I am fighting something...'

Duluth, MN 12/21

'...since I received your package (Blessed image of Jesus Christ, blessed sage, and blessed Holy Rosary), and used it; I can only say thank you. For the first time in a while, it's been quiet here.'

Elmira, NY 11/21

'I had no idea what to expect when it comes to paranormal. All I knew was I had an immense energy in my presence that was through my apartment... Thanks to your team, I have gotten many more answers to the questions I have been having for months!'

Minneapolis, MN 08/21

'The house is finally calm! My kids are sleeping more soundly and they didn't even know about the house blessing.'

Cloquet, MN 07/21

My house has never been so light...the negative energy and things seem to be gone...directly after your visit, I felt a sense of relief and my room was so bright, it was as if I was looking at the sun.'

Brainerd, MN 06/21

'Before you came to help us, we were struggling in a big way with normalcy, being frightened, and yes, health problems...You brought calmness back to our lives...You did everything you promised and you actually did more than that...This whole experience has brought back my faith that I had lost...I'm very thankful for that. (These two friends had not been baptized, and because of this experience, have since been baptized!)

St. Cloud, MN 04/21

'Things are quiet, peaceful...We haven't noticed anything strange since you've been here.'

Sartell, MN 03/21

'My son came home the next morning, and without even knowing your team was here the night before, said confidently, 'I'm not scared of the dark anymore.' And he is sleeping much better in his room. It is not so dark and heavy...and we haven't seen any shadows.'

Brainerd, MN 02/21

'It's really calming. It's hard to explain. I have used sleep meds for a long time, and now I have slept all night without taking any for three nights in a row.'

North Branch, MN 02/21

Things have been great since you were hear... The house has a whole new feeling. Don't remember the last time it felt so light and airy.

Backus, MN 02/21


I can feel a weight has been lifted off of me.

Wirt, MN 12/20

'From the day we found and came into contact with Russ, he was there for us and began to put us at ease...His investigation of our house seemed straight forward with absolutely no false pretense...after his investigation...he felt confident our house was cleansed...our house has been absolutely quiet and peaceful...'

Milaca, MN 11/20

'My house has never been this quiet and peaceful! Thank you for all the work you did and for the help in my home.'

Arco, MN 05/20

'I was not much of a believer in paranormal activity, but I can say now I fully understand what special gifts certain individuals have in our world...our home feels much better after you and your crew crossed over the 2 individuals using the energy in our home'

St. Cloud, MN 02/20

'I just want to thank you guys for coming out and helping cross over the spirits that were stuck in our home...My kids have been able to sleep through the night...My 4 year old son can go in his room and play...without needing myself or his dad in there with him.'

Sauk Rapids, MN 12/19

'I've never seen it this quiet in years...I've got my energy back.'

Ogilvie, MN 12/19

'We are all feeling much better about our cabin, thanks to you and the team. It feels lighter and more 'ours.' You were all so kind and are doing important work.'

Pennock, MN 07/19

'It's quiet. I haven't had to close a cabinet or a drawer in over a week. I used to close them twice a day. Oddly enough, it feels like part of my routine is gone...You truly crossed her over! Is this how normal life is?'

Hutchinson, MN 03/19

'All is very calm here now, and myself finally getting the long needed sleep...once in a while I notice the dog feels something...and I can pick up something at the same time. I just use the words you gave me and it goes away.'

Sauk Rapids, MN 02/19

'I feel a huge difference. I didn't realize how guarded I was in some rooms; now I walk in and they're just a room.'

Silver Lake, MN 01/19

'Things have been so quiet. Not even the paper towel holder has been acting up! I think you got them to cross over.'

Morton, MN 02/18