I am always coming (to you) with My Word

24 December 2022

During the night, I heard a voice call my name-Russ... The word echoed as if pushed through realms to get to me. I knew there was a message to follow, and it isn't always right away. I had actually fallen asleep for another hour, when I was stirred awake a second time. Then the message came:

I am always coming (to you) with my Word.

I interpreted this proclamation as: With every word we read from the Bible, the Spirit of God flows into our hearts, our minds, our souls. What a beautiful sensory of 'Heaven on Earth' to receive for all of us; especially on Christmas Eve. With these words in mind, I encourage everyone to 'receive the flow of God' into your heart today by reading 7 minutes from the New Testament. I will hear the story of Christ's birth today at a church service, but it will become so much more personal 'to me' when I read the Word of Our Lord, my self (Luke 2:1-21