They said they were waiting at the gate!

20 Sep 2021

I asked for a message this morning from the levels of the holy divine to help guide me and the people of earth. First I saw images of people joyfully busy learning different trades, such as placing flowers in large bouquets at a long table, learning to carpenter in the old ways, a young woman was taken advice on how to play an organ. These people were in a good place. Then I saw an extremely large group of people lingering in the sands near a large body of water, thousands and thousands of them. I wondered what they were doing there, and someone called out “We are camping at the finish line,” and another yelled, “at the gate.” They didn’t appear to be in pain, but were in a sort of limbo…waiting for the end times…for final judgment? I asked what it would take to get them into Heaven. One word was said: Adjudification. That is, the act of adjudicating, or in short, judgment. Camping at the finish line, or outside the gate, is no guarantee that you are going to get in—to the higher Heaven. I believe it is too often assumed that when we die, that we are automatically accepted to a “better place” or to “Heaven.” Per this vision and my research, I would disagree. It is important that we pray as often as possible for those who have died, for even the Saints go through judgment, I am sure of it. Every prayer we say for a deceased loved one is taken into account when their day of judgment comes! Pray for them now, and pray for them every day. AND, don’t forget about yourself! Prepare yourself by making sure you have forgiven everyone in your life for every little detail, and confessed and repented every sin no matter how small. I stole one shiny key from the hardware store when I was eight. I eventually fessed up and it was returned, but you had better believe I confessed to that sin to God! Also, keep building up ‘the love you share with others’ until your cup overfloweth. The larger the spill of your love upon the world around you, the brighter your light will shine.