The Knowledge is already in your garden

(and a visit from Mary Magdalene)

02 Dec 2021

I woke during the night, and began thinking…not always a good thing. Soon I was spiraling in thoughts about recent struggles, as well as wondering where my life was headed. I feared that I was missing the signals from God on what I should be doing with my life. I tried to keep my thoughts positive by mixing in prayer but thoughts are not easy to corral. Finally, I asked Christ to provide me with a nudge, something to guide me or to bring peace to my heart after having a less than impressive day, the day before. I focused on an image of Jesus ‘praying at the rock in the Garden of Gethsemane,’ on the Mount of Olives, where he prayed until Judas, the chief priests and the soldiers came to get him. One cannot even imagine the anguish in Jesus’ heart, and the emotion in his prayers to God. Jesus knew the pain he would endure in the following hours, which would conclude with His crucifixion. Within minutes, I heard (with my mind) these words: The knowledge is already in your garden. As I pondered those words, I saw a square garden surrounded by a wooden fence, and three visions came to me (one at a time): 1-I saw water and blood coming from the wound in the side of Jesus (to his heart) and it was watering the garden; 2-I saw a bright light shining upon the garden. It was the light of God; and lastly, 3-I saw a bible, and I heard, “The Word,” and I knew that “The Word” was to be the fertilizer for the garden. Together, those three would make the garden grow, and actually there was a fourth vision of very thick and tall vines that grew up out of the garden until they were so large you could not see the fence of the garden any more. I share this dream as testimony…every one of us has a garden, and I’ll be the first to admit, I could spend a lot more tending to my garden!

When I woke this morning, I was still thinking about the vision the night before. I rolled onto my side and within moments I felt as if I were ‘in spirit.’ I heard the jingle to the song, If we make it through December, an old tune by Merle Haggard. I asked why that song, was there something that was going to happen in December, and immediately my ear began to ring with such a hum as I hadn’t heard in a while. I then thought of Mary Magdalene (unusual as it was the first time I had experienced her in my thoughts). Feeling like she could hear me, I asked if she was near Mother Mary in Heaven, as she had been down here on earth. Immediate reply: No mystery. Inspired by the response, I asked another question: Did she and Mother Mary continue to work with the apostles in the afterlife, and the name, James, came through. Then I asked if the apostles were still on earth spreading the word of God, but I could tell the connection was fading. The conversation had ended.