Staying positive in the face of Adversity      

15 Nov 2022

Yesterday, I received a Heavenly message to keep smiling, to remain happy and be positive. This message was fitting as we had just watched a narrative on the life of Saint Fina, a young Italian woman who developed a paralytic illness at 10 years of age. She could only move her head, and spent the rest of her days lying upon a wooden pallet—her choice—until she died at 25 years of age. Despite her condition and the pain she constantly endured, she maintained her faith and trust in God. She was a beacon of God’s love and the many residents of San Gimignano who visited her, always received a smile and words of encouragement from her. Upon her death, and in the years following, many miracle healings were attributed to Saint Fina by those who went to visit her grave. I know it is a stretch, but had Saint Fina shared those words with me the following morning. I’ll never know, but a few minutes later, I heard a spirit talking loudly. He was upset at something that had gone on between him and his son. The words of Saint Fina still ringing in my ears, I told the man that he didn’t need to be so upset, nor be reliving the same pains over and over. There is peace and reconciliation to be had by calling out to God to be saved, and by moving into the light of the Heavenly Father. I said, look up and see the light now. Just then another man appeared. This man wore a tidy brown suit and a brown fedora hat. He stood up from a chair where—I could tell—he had been patiently waiting for me to facilitate the cross over. He smiled at me than disappeared. I wasn’t sure if this was another spirit who had been waiting to cross, or perhaps the guardian angel to the man who was so upset. There are many things that will happen in our lives to upset us or make us angry. I believe it is important for us to find and maintain resolution here on earth at all times because you just never know when your experience on earth will be finished. Forgive others and yourself frequently; keep the faith; and always be there for others with a smile and words of encouragement.