Seven Messages from the Divine

30 Jan 2021

1 - The more we think we are in control; the less we are.

2 - Those at the top, whose power and money manipulate our society according to satan's plan, will find themselves at the very bottom for the rest of eternity.
3 - With Christ in our heart leading the way, we have nothing to fear.
4 - It may seem like satan is winning, but he has already been defeated. The only thing he has to gain is souls in Hell. Choose not to be one of them.
5 - Don't pretend to be a follower of Christ; be a follower of Christ.
6 - The path to Heaven is narrow; yet we can be one of them. Call out to Christ. Forgive, Confess and Repent today.
7 - Jesus is of no color, culture or religion. He is a mix of us all. See him now in your mind. Then find an image of him that you are comfortable with and place it prominently in your home.


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