Never Practice an Old Life when Bended at the Knee

10 December 2022

Never practice an old life when bended at the knee.

These words I heard after being woke from my sleep early this morning. But there is much more to it. I had been waiting for this message to come half the night, having been told it would be coming.

The first time I woke it was in the middle of the night. I heard the name, Billy Graham, clearly said, and it came with the thought that a message was to follow. Still awake and waiting—a half hour later, the name, Jesse Graham, was said. I felt a pinch in my stomach and realized there was potentially a deceased spirit looking to cross into the light. So I said a prayer and a few words to encourage the spirit to crossover. Soon after, I fell back asleep. I had a dream that it was my birthday and my daughter was leaving early that morning on a long trip so she would not be there to celebrate with me. I gave her a hug goodbye, but as we hugged, the daughter in my arms turned into an old friend of mine. Now I was saying goodbye to her, too. But she was not leaving on a short trip; I would not be seeing her for a long time as she was headed into the afterlife. I felt a little choked up but I knew I would see her again. Immediately following the hug, I woke up. That is when I heard: Never practice an old life when bended at the knee.

So what does this all mean? ‘Bended at the knee,’ in short, means (to me) paying your respect or giving your full attention to God. The ‘old life’ is the sins that you repented and left behind. How does Billy Graham fit into all of this? I feel he was the messenger. Was Billy sending this message to Jesse? Or, to all of us? Had Jesse Graham been the lost soul that needed to be crossed over, and Billy had brought him to me? With all due respect, there are a few Jesse Grahams that have died in recent years. I don’t have all the answers to these questions; nor do I need to. But I do know the message is useful to all of us. Never practice an old life when bended at the knee.

Blessings and Love to you all
Blessings and Love to you all,


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