Make Peace

27 November 2022

While working last night, I asked if there was a message for us to receive and to share; I heard a beautiful female voice say “Make Peace.”

As I lay in bed this morning, those words came forth in my mind once again. The message was so strong and so important that I got up out of bed and immediately went to work writing this:

I urge everyone to ‘Make Peace’ with God, to ‘Make Peace’ with your soul, and to ‘Make Peace’ with others.

To do this, I propose that we receive Communion at least once a month—if not only to save our souls, but also to set an example and to save the souls of our children; and to set an example and to save the souls of our grandchildren. I have compassion for those of us who have stopped attending church services because we have experienced the imperfections of the church, of the clergy, or of those sitting next to us at church. But please understand that none of us are perfect nor can we be. I cannot express enough the importance that ‘right now’ is that moment in our lives when we need to look past imperfections and look directly to the cross to be saved.

Please find a way to go back into the church at least once a month, any church where you can feel comfortable, and take a seat within. Then look up at the cross or crucifix, and let God know that you renounce evil and ask that he save you and your children and your grandchildren. Ask God to help ‘Make Peace’ in your life. Tell God your struggles and your iniquities; ask for help and forgiveness. Give thanks and praise by receiving Communion. And lastly, ask Jesus to wrap his hands around your heart for safe keeping.
Blessings to you all,



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