God has a plan for us


16 Feb 2023

I was so disappointed in myself when I sat down in church today and noticed I had forgotten to change clothes. I was wearing the most disgusting, dirty and holy pair of trousers that I own. Not the ‘holy’ I had intended to present myself to God in. All through service, I couldn’t get it off my mind. I was going to have to walk up to Communion looking like this. Good grief! When church ended, I took the side door out and headed for the truck. I hadn’t made it twenty feet when I noticed a car sitting on the side of the road, the front bumper of this vehicle had been dragging on the ground (for reasons unknown). There were two older women trying to lift it up. I walked up and said, let me take a look. I got on my knees and jimmied at the bumper. Then I had to crawl under the front of the vehicle on my back to get at it. Then I was back on my knees on the other side slamming the bumper back into place, at least temporarily. I stood up and told her that it should at least get her to a mechanics shop. She said thank you, and I turned and headed for my truck. Then it donned on me. I was sure glad I had my crappy trousers on today. What’s the chance? Then I smiled, a tear tickled at the corner of my eye. That God of ours; He always has a plan for us!