Ask God when making tough decisions


20 Jan 2021

Both Biden and President Trump claim to be Christians. Supporters on both sides call the other evil.

Are they both evil? Is one more evil than the other?

Did our supportive vote for one or the other make us evil too?

Biden will create a policy in the first few weeks of his presidency to use US tax dollars to pay for abortions around the world, as well as broaden the laws protecting abortion rights in the US. For identifying himself as a lifelong Catholic, he supports several policies that do not uphold the Word of the Bible and the Canon law of Christian churches. Does that qualify him as evil?

President Trump has a checkered past which involves multiple wives and adultery. He is a non-denominational Christian who seldom practices his faith. Many are opposed to his apparent lack of empathy and handling of immigrants in their transitional state. Does that make him evil?

The key point I am making—in as brief a statement as possible—is that evil resides in all of our lives. Those of us who choose to throw stones at one candidate or the other, or at each other, are a no better Christian than those whom we incarcerate through our words.

But God provides us a key to use to ensure our salvation stays intact, Christ himself. Understanding the truth of God’s will and allowing Him to provide you with that truth opens the door to eternal life. Like was told to me via Heavenly words: In Jesus, the doors to the Heavens are open.

Renowned Christian speaker Bill Bright said it well: “What does God’s Word tell you about truthfulness? How does that differ from what society says about truth? Meditate on what God is telling you. Whose truth will you choose to embrace—man’s or God’s?

Our thoughts and emotions are not always directed by the faith we believe we inherently have. We need to ask God to provide us with the answers to the moral, ethical and more critical decisions, such as a vote for a leader who will represent us, the president, a governor, etc.

If you voted for the president based off of man’s truth; example: opinions of others you associate with, info from media sources, or even from your functional understanding of good vs. evil, there is still a 50/50 chance you voted for someone who may not be the best choice based on the big picture as only God sees it.

Ask God, who do I vote for? In this last election, both had much baggage in the form of sin. What is your will, God?
If you didn’t ask God to guide you, then there is a chance that you voted on behalf of satan. Without God, without the Light, you made the decision in the darkness, with the veil over your heart and soul. Was it the right decision?

I look forward to the great banquet and trust in my heart that Jesus is preparing a place for me that will be very beautiful and accommodating with lots of love and compromise. It will be a renewed life where tears, pain, frustration, division and anger do not exist.

If there is another president elected, there may not be, but if there is, vote according to God’s will by asking God. Let’s all move in the direction of God together.

Note: For those looking for sources, just spend five minutes on line and you will find numerous sources that support this.


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