Be Your Best Jesus

03 August 2022

While meditating last night, I requested words of wisdom that would help mankind, and throughout the night; I received a handful of comments. My favorite: Be your best Jesus. I pondered these words while lying there and this is what they meant to me: To follow Christ by replicating his actions in our lives. I also thought how fortunate we are to have an instruction manual on how to do it: The New Testament. Literally every important act needed to find peace in this life and to obtain salvation, is mentioned in the NT. I eventually fell asleep, but woke occasionally to different comments. Near morning, a spirit came to me who hadn’t crossed into the light, and he asked, how can you find peace with all this pain? To add to his comment, he imprinted an image in my head of people who were suffering, and then, he showed me an image of his foot with wire wrapped tightly around it in some archaic medical procedure, which had caused him much pain in life. My thoughts formed a response and in them, I was thankful that God had provided us with a choice. He hadn’t made it mandatory that we love him or follow him. He gave us a choice, so we might learn and develop on our own; not be treated and trained like robots to obey, and I for one, appreciate that. I also thought about the darkness that lurks over the earth due to the many sins that have been and continue to be committed. So many choose to live in sin instead of in the shelter of love, and that dark energy shows its face in many ways around the world and in our personal lives. Even then, God is watching over, his mercy and grace available to us as he waits for us to call out to Him, to be saved. So my final words to this spirit were: Did you call out to God and ask Him to save you. If you didn’t, let go of the darkness, and ask God to save you right now. Then look up and watch for the light. I said an Our Father and all was quiet.