When Spirits speak to me

Videos of true, real-life occurrences when spirits have spoken to or worked with me.

WARNING: Some videos may be graphic in nature.

Guided through two absolutely crazy events

Part 1 is about a bad spirit who is holding a female spirit hostage and I have to release her; Part 2 is about getting called to a store only to run into a man who pulls a knife at the counter.

Man tells me why he was a ghost

Spirit tells me how two people died during The Great Depression, and how he felt responsible for their deaths

Palmer House spirit tells me his story

I pick up a spirit from the Palmer House, and as he crosses, he embeds his story into my mind

Crossing spirits in my dreams

It is on fair occasion that I cross over spirits, even in my dreams. In this case, I was brought on location to do the crossing.

Spirits have party for Aretha Franklin; ask for help

This video offers a very interesting perspective of life after death and how interactive our spirits might be...

Woken up by spirits at the cabin

A variety of intriguing supernatural events at the Backwoods Vic cabin make for an interesting night.

Spirits know Your Name

A short collection of audio where spirits have called out my name during an audio session.