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1-The Protector
2-A Spiritual Gift
3-Owl in the Royal Tomb
4-Owl Attributes
5-My First Owl Experience
6-Death of the Great White
7-After Me Again

8-Owl Games
9-Owl & the Child
10-Owl Logic

Owls have long been identified as a tool for the supernatural world. The Search4Spirits team, as well as myself personally, have run into a number of situations where an owl or owls have acted unusual, and sometimes quite unexplainable, when appearing to us or to clients we have worked with. Here are a few true events:

The Protector
In two recent cases, we had owls apparently protecting the homes of clients who were having issues with dark entities. In one case, two owls spent several days lingering on the grass yard between the house and the woods. The client said, when we looked out, it seemed as if the owls were staring directly at you. This family had pet rabbits that would hop right to the owls and the owls didn’t flinch, which is quite unusual since rabbits are the No. 1 food source for owls. After the Search4Spirits team worked with the family and removed the dark energy, the owls never showed up in the yard again. Similarly, another client had an owl perch in the tree just outside his door a short time after he noticed increased paranormal activity. In both cases, the owls would make quite a bit of noise on occasion which we assume may have been when the dark energy came closer to the home. It was as if the owls were warning the family or doing what they could to protect them from evil.

A Spiritual Gift
A few years back, I was turkey hunting on a tall ridge covered with oaks overlooking acres of tamarack swamp. I sat, leaned against an old oak trunk and watched the sun rise while listening to the crows, chickadees and occasional gobble from a Tom turkey in the distance. None of the gobbles were near me, but it didn’t matter as I was totally immersed into the stunning theatrics taking place before me. Just then, a small owl came toward my tree. Surprisingly, it landed on the branch just four feet above my head. It appeared to be ‘cleaning’ its feathers with its beak. I watched as it plucked one feather out. It held it in its beak for second, and then let it fall. The small feather lightly descended, so slowly that I held out my hand and the feather landed into my open palm as a falling snowflake might. I thought to myself, how often does that happen where you catch a feather before it hits the ground. I knew the occurrence must be rare and have special meaning, so I tucked the feather into my pocket. I still have that feather today. It’s in a bag, hanging just above my head, above my bed, at my cabin.

Owl in the Royal Tomb
In the ancient city of Ur, Iraq, birthplace of Abraham, a number of royal tombs were uncovered dating back as far as 2600 BC, to include the tomb of Queen Puabi. In 2006, I was able to visit Ur and the tombs. I was one of the first to enter the tombs on that day, and as I did, something moved in the dark far corner of the tomb. I stepped back quickly, but soon realized it was a Barn Owl (pictured in page background). Perhaps it had made its way into the dark corridors of that underground tomb to keep cool. But who is to say it didn't have other spiritual functions that we were unaware of. We were told the tombs often had guardians to protect them. Perhaps it was that owl keeping watch on the tomb to ensure people didn’t mess with it?

Owl Attributes
Owls have been said to be messengers from the darkness, carriers of black and white magic, foresight, wisdom, healing and transition prophecies, as well as protection and seduction. Some say they are an omen of pending death, others say it may not be a physical death, rather a sign for letting go of a part of life that doesn't serve you well anymore. My favorite attribute: Owls have the power to see in the darkness, whether physical dark or spiritual darkness. If you are aware of an owl being present in your life, whether dreaming or awake, you just might be experiencing a call to open your spirit to the truth of a situation. That voice is trying to tell you something. Take the time to meditate on it and seek out its purpose.

My First Owl Experience
My first run in with an owl was on my cousin's farm when I was 16. I had climbed a dead tree that had tipped over. The sun was nearly down. I watched a young doe mosey through the woods. A red squirrel scurried on the forest floor. Then I heard a stick break. A loud whooshing noise. I barely had time to react as a large owl was three feet away and closing. I ducked at the last second, clinging to the tree with both hands as the owl's wings literally brushed against me. It took 15 minutes to catch my breath before I could climb out of the tree. I kept a close eye out in case it decided to return. It never did.

Death of the Great White
We were headed up North on the third weekend of the deer season. It was always late when my uncle and I headed to the cabin, because we didn’t leave until after work, and it was nearly a five-hour trip. We were less than an hour from the cabin when the snow started to fall like Mother Nature was attempting to keep us from getting to our destination. I slowed to 20 miles per hour, and had rolled my window down just to see the edge of the road. Everything in the headlights was completely white. That's when it happened. From out of nowhere, a huge Snow Owl, its wing span stretching across the entire front end of the truck, hit us dead on. Its ghostly eyes looked right at us for a split second, a sight I will never forget. I yelled, shit. I didn't know much about owls at the time, but I immediately felt a pain in my heart. It was horrible. We're not going to get a deer this weekend; we’ll be lucky to even see one, I said to my uncle. He agreed. We didn't either. Less than two years later, my uncle died. More than likely didn’t have anything to do with it, but I’ll never forget that doomed feeling that lingered with me for some time.

After Me Again
Not long after we moved to the farm, I was in my bed on the second floor, windows open, and listening to relaxing nature sounds while I meditated. There were a few owl calls mixed in with the other nature sounds on this tape, but I didn't think much of it. Then I heard an owl call from somewhere outside. I shut the tape off, and listened to the owl call three more times. Then all of sudden, there was a loud thud against the screen next to me. I literally jumped out of bed. The owl had hit the screen of the window with some force and nearly came right through. I went to look outside in case it had been injured but it was nowhere to be seen.

Owl Games
Two deer seasons after my uncle passed, I was 12 foot up a tree stand when two large owls landed in the trees near me. They were an odd looking specimen that I didn’t recognize. I wiggled my finger to see if they would notice. They both took off and headed right for me. The first landed in a tree in front of me. The second owl landed in a tree directly behind me. The Owl to my front looked directly at me. It turned its head in strange positions, looking me up and down. Meanwhile, I was observing its features as well. Its face didn't have hardly any feathers on it. It looked leathery. I have tried to find this owl in books and on the internet, but have never found an owl that looked quite the same as these two. The owl and I had some back and forth. It would stare at me. Then I would look into its eyes, and it would quickly turn away. Then I would turn away, and it would resume looking at me, and back and forth our little game went. The two owls hung out until dusk when I climbed out of the stand. It was before the days of cell phones and I really wish I could have taken a picture of them.

Owl & the Child
Almost as soon as my daughter could talk; she indicated to us that something was in the corner of her room. We even moved her bed so it wasn’t near that corner. It wasn’t until she was a little older, that she referred to the entity as being an owl. We had hoped that maybe she just recalled it from a reading of Winnie the Pooh, but this went on for two years. We discussed it as parents and decided that whatever it was; it meant no harm. We both felt the owl was watching over her, much as an Angel would, and left it at that. It is well documented that many children have the ability to see, hear and feel spirit activity, but then as they grow, they are distracted from this connection or leave it behind because it is frightening or too hard to make sense of.

Owl Logic
The wise old owl has become a familiar image in education over the years, and it can be found in numerous roles as an educator for children. This may not be far from the truth. Though seldom seen due to their nocturnal habits, it is possible that these creatures have a more crucial role in the spiritual development and physical protection of our children and even of us as adults. Unfortunately, it is at a level beyond the realm of understanding. But that doesn't mean it isn't true. I for one believe owls will seek out those who are willing to connect. Not that you can communicate. Just connect. I have read other owl and Human real stories about spiritual connections. We can't all be crazy. Based on these stories, I feel there is more than coincidence involved in my life experiences with the owls.

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