10/31/23 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Discuss results of our recent live paranormal investigation. 

09/26/23 Live with GhostBox Radio on AM950 talking MN ParaConnection

09/21/23 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Talk about upcoming Paranormal Expo and the annual live Halloween Investigation

07/17/23 The Gathering/The Calling 2.0 - Strange lights in the woods near Remer

06/08/23 Paranormal Encounters Podcast - Dr. Schutz interviews Mark & Russ on recent paranormal encounters

10/31/22 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - EVPs and chat about Friday's live paranormal investigation

10/27/22 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Talk about the plan for the annual Halloween investigation

10/18/22 The Gathering paranormal radio - Team chat about the recent Faribault investigations

10/13/22 Faribault Daily News - Paranormal Investigators coming to Faribault for Expo

09/22/22 Minnesota's New Country 98.1 Ghost tours being offered of alleged haunted hotel...

09/14/22 The Calling paranormal radio - Search4Spirits & MNParaConnection discuss upcoming events

03/01/22 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Listener 1 thinks her deceased husband hasn't left home

02/28/22 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - 3 listeners with hauntings are candidates for an investigation

01/19/22 He Said, She Said Cryptid Videocast - Mark & Russ go in depth on their Search4Sasquatch

10/30/21 Sauk Rapids Herald - Interview includes team's history and ghost hunting experiences

10/29/21 Wild Country 99 Halloween Live - Para investigation of the Leighton Broadcasting building

09/03/21 96.7 The River - Minnesota's most haunted road is an hour from St. Cloud

2021 Mentioned in Book: Bigfoot Chronicles: A Researcher's continuing journey...

SCSU student shadows Search4Spirits on three investigations for her thesis paper. This is her story!

08/11/21 The Calling paranormal radio show - Interview Mark & Russ on paranormal perspectives

05/20/21 Jeff Mara Paranormal Podcast - My encounter with a demon and an angel

04/03/21 Sauk Rapids Herald - Discussion on Help4Homeless, a Search4Heaven homeless project

03/26/21 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Another haunted house is ghost free

02/26/21 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Mark & Russ talk to caller who says her house is haunted

12/17/20 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Listener calls in; tells how Search4Spirits helped her family

12/16/20 Kelly & Wood Morning Show - Real ghost hunters on the Wild Country 99 morning show

10/30/19 MN's New Country 98.1 - Story on 'Minnesota Most Haunted Road...' features Search4Spirits 

2015 (C) - Mentioned in Book: Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of Paranormal Investigator


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