How to deal with a haunting

• If it is an emergency (if you or your family are in danger), contact clergy or an expert immediately. If you are in a bad situation, get out of the house. Then call for help. Never call from inside the house when a supernatural crisis is occurring.
• These are Faith-based solutions that work for me, or have worked for Search4Spirits clients.
• There is a printable copy of this at the bottom of the page for those on the internet.

How to avoid being manipulated by spirits, entities and demonic energies:
• If you are being attacked by something supernatural and cannot move, use your eyes or fingers to motion the sign of the cross in front of you, while thinking or whispering it:
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. With each time you say it, the safe space around you will grow. Keep doing it until your whole arm and hand are doing the motion and continue to do it as you get up and walk around your room, and then house, using the blessing to remove the bad energy from your space.
• In a similar maneuver to the Sign of the Cross, you can use Holy Water and flick it in a 360 degree circle around you. Sprinkle a little farther out with each full circle, and do this as many times as needed to create a safe space.
• Know that you—through the strength that God provides—control your mind, heart, soul, and space (room, home). Believe it 100x100x100.
• Avoid isolation. Keep in contact with family and friends. Don’t spend all your time in one room.
• Don’t be the source. The evil one will use every sin, grudge, or negative thought as an opening into your life. Make amends daily.
• Don’t ever threaten, demand or dare the unknown energy or entity!
• Cut cords: Energy cords are often used by spirits and entities to keep a leash on living people, so to speak. Ask Saint Michael and Jesus to cut the cords whenever you leave a bad location or have a bad feeling. Imagine two ends of a broken rope in your hands or broken glass.
• Use Holy water to make a sign of the cross on your forehead and on the back of your neck prior to quiet times when they are trying to talk to you, before you go to sleep for protection at night, or when you need extra strength. Holy Water is good for about 24 hours.
• Do not mess with Ouija boards, tarot, occult or even angel cards, pendulums, or attempt to communicate with the dead in any way. This opens portals, and unless you are well grounded, protected, and experienced at opening and closing portals, it is a bad idea.
• Reduce negativity and emotional clutter from your life. Reduce or stop watching and listening to violent, occult and paranormal movies and music, especially pornography. Remove these types of media from the home. Avoid any media that becomes addictive.
• Ask your guardian angel (in Jesus name) to intervene on your behalf to stop the spirits from bothering you. Ask them to bring in St. Michael if necessary to remove that energy.
• Do not associate with people involved in the occult, satanic worship or any dark and negative practices. If it is a family member or close friend, pray for their deliverance.
• Add positivity such as encouraging music, activities, and shows. Use that positivity and dress brightly and share a smile.
• Protect your children: As part of the gift of procreation, it is our duty as parents to bring God into the lives of our children.
• See the light of the Heavenly Father surround you, your room, or your house, and imagine it to be a large ball of light that has a protective shell that shields you from harm.
• While lying down, see and feel the Light of God coming into your head and moving down thru your body, pushing the negative dark energies down and out through your feet, where it sinks down into the earth as your entire body is replaced by the light.
• If the spirit or entity is making noise or attempting to communicate, tell them you wish for them to be at peace, and ask them to cross into the light, and follow it up with an Our Father or two. If it is a friendly, they will cross quite readily. But only do this once or twice. If the spirit doesn’t cross, there is other business to take care of and you should call for help.

How to increase the light and protections within the home:
• Declare your love ‘out loud’ for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
• Use cleansed and blessed God-sourced items (Crucifix, rosary, statues, pictures, crosses, etc) in your home for protection; place them so they create a triangle or square in your home, which I refer to as the triangle of Light. Images of Jesus are a strong deterrent to negative and bad energy, and a great way to remind yourself daily that he is with you all the time.
• Have clergy or an experienced organization/person cleanse and bless your home, especially prior to or upon moving into a new home
• Read scripture aloud in your home. Pick up a Bible, turn to the New Testament, and start reading out loud before bed or whenever you feel negative energy. The more you read Holy words, the more light that will build up in your home and will shield around you and your family.
• Find Christian readings, scripture and music to play in your home, even while you are gone. It also helps build the light, but be sure to know the source of the material.
• Burn blessed sage occasionally to cleanse and bring peace to the home. When using sage to cleanse your home, start at the farthest regions of your home and push unwanted energy with the smoke of the sage toward and out an open door. Say positive words during the cleansing, such as, we are bringing in the light of God, when the sage smoke disperses so will the bad energy be released, in Jesus name.
• Keep newly received or purchased vintage items and family heirlooms in a separate building from the house until you can cleanse items with a thick dose of sage. Ask Jesus to cleanse them as you sage.
• Ensure ashes of loved ones or pets have been sealed, blessed or prayed over for protection and that the energy cords have been cut.
• If you have an old well, or foundation, etc., in the yard, let someone know so it can be sealed off with a spiritual blessing.

How to ensure you are grounded and protected
• Keep your Faith cup full daily: What I ‘try’ to do daily: Say good morning to Jesus. Read the Bible 7-10 minutes. Thank God for all the little successes throughout the day. I thank Jesus every time I make a green light!
• Confess sins to God as often as needed, and repent—keep from repeating the sin.
• Forgive those who have hurt you physically/emotionally, including yourself. Ask God for help.
• Release daily grudges before bed: Forgive those with differing opinions and personalities who upset you. Pray for God’s Will to be done through you and through them.
• If you are frustrated with your faith, start fresh. So many people have a conflict with religion due to something that occurred in the past, and I tell them: Forget about religion. It is not about religion. It is about you and your relationship with Jesus Christ. Then I tell my clients to imagine Jesus standing on the other side of a stream, looking at you. Call out to him, and say, Jesus I am here. Lead me to you. Then imagine the waters parting (Moses). Those waters are all of the frustrations with religion and pains in life that have kept you apart from God. Every time you think about Jesus, see him closer and closer, until he is holding you in his arms.
• Repeat short statements as needed throughout the day: Holy Spirit guide me, the Lamb of God is with us, the healing light of God is with us, the Holy light is upon us, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Heavenly Father.
• Receive Communion at least monthly.
• The Rosary is not just for Catholics; and it is a great way to fend off the darkness.

NOTE: There are no limits to your faith; let it grow; these are tools to get you started.

Wrapping up
• You must believe in what you’re doing. It absolutely works.
• You must trust in Christ that he will be there for you.
• You must see the request as completely in your mind, even as you are asking. Example: If you ask the spirits to cross over, see them in your mind making their way up a stairway to the light.
• Give thanks to God for ‘receiving the spirits, ‘for removing the residual energies from your home,’ ‘for protecting you.’ Everything you ask for should also include giving thanks to Jesus, and to God.
• Finally, if you need help. Please call or message us. We respond quickly to Facebook messages and emails to