Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY
17 August 2012
Activity: Yes​​

Okay, it wasn't really an investigation; it was actually a tour, a paid tour. But it was great, and it was the source of my first Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - a recording of unexplainable voices/sounds that are not heard by ear. This one was not verbal in nature, but you cannot miss it. You will hear me speaking to someone, then he will reply back, and shortly after amidst the echo of voices farther off you will hear an unmistakable EVP. Read more about it below.

When I heard my first EVP on my new recorder I didn't know whether I should be frightened or excited. Let me tell you the story: The first part of the tour was of the tunnel. The 500-foot tunnel was originally constructed to get supplies up to the hospital, but was later also used to get the deceased bodies out because the tuberculosis patients were freaking out about seeing the hearse stop by day after day. The tunnel runs downhill and has steps on one side, and used to have rails on the other side that hauled up carts with the use of cables. About 20 of us in the tour made our way down in near darkness, some flashlights were used. We were only allowed to go down 150 feet or so on the tour to my dismay, but it proved to be enough. About three-quarter way down, I felt a finger poke to the center of my back. I paused to look back and question the fellow who had come along with me whether he had did it. I immediately realized he hadn't as he was at least four steps up from me yet, and he confirmed he hadn't. That poke lingered in my mind and got me excited for the hunt. I had heard from an acquaintance that most of the paranormal activity occurred to the back of the group, so when we got to where we had to turn around, I waited for everyone to head back up, then I followed them up last, pitch black behind me, and recorder in hand. I made a comment to the fellow to my front about the echo of the voice and how it would probably be hard to catch any EVPs. Shortly after saying that, I got a feeling that someone was coming up behind me. But how could that be, I had been last, or hadn't I. I stopped, swung around and stared into the darkness. There was no one there, but that darkness mixed with the strange feeling was enough to get me to turn around and catch up with the group. Coincidently, or not, the EVP I caught coincides almost exactly with that moment when I turned and looked into the darkness. It was the only EVP I  recorded. Due to the considerable amount of chatter by the guide and the other people, I could not distinguish any other disembodied voices (If there is ever a next time, I will definitely go on the self-guided tour, which is more expensive, but I am sure worth the money).

There were a few other incidents. I lingered behind with the safety guide who followed the end of the group, and we both heard what sounded like a door closing behind us as we made our way down the first floor hall. The only other event occurred on the fourth floor when the fellow that came with me saw, on at least two occasions, shadow figures pass by the lighted door entrances as you looked down the long hall. I did not see this, but he and others did. I had volunteered to walk down the center of the hall alone, stop and come back, as the guide said the shadow figures often dart out from a room or follow the person, allowing the rest in the group to possibly see them.
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY
This large structure is one of the most haunted former hospitals in the U.S. It was opened in 1926 to house and care for an increasing number of tuberculosis patients in the Jefferson County area. The deaths started occurring at such a high rate, that hospital administrators decided to move the deceased via a supply tunnel that ran underground because patient morale was declining after word spread of all the frequent hearse visits.
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My first EVP!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, 2012​​

Same EVP; Volume Enhanced: ​​