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7 Types of Visions:
My personal thoughts on visions include seven types and they are:

(This is by no means my final thoughts on the matter. I fine tune these as my thoughts mature and I experience more. It is a work in progress which I present to you for your thoughts and reflection.)

1) to have a feeling or premonition of the future. May include feelings of angelic intervention. May be induced by extreme responsibility or worldly conditions, but could be as little as daily tasks recalled by unexplained means.

2) to have a feeling of acute ties to the past. This would include deja vu, wonders of reincarnation, dreams that place you in the past in places you feel you couldn't have possibly conjured up naturally, and the exploration of the recycling of atoms and their retention of or residual containment of past formations.

3) to see or feel the presence of a person, place, object or action in an altered state due to a physical or mental condition of the body. This would include near-death experiences, illegal or prescription drug-induced events, fasting, and sleep deprivation.

4) to see or feel the presence of a person, place, object or action in an altered state brought on by conditions exterior to the body; spiritual, supernatural, unexplainable. This would include slips into a dying person's death window, paranormal, God encounters, unidentifiable source encounters (spacial), and atom adjustments (disturbances, exchanges).

5) to slip into a temporary condition shortly before, during or shortly after a major emotional event; experiencing death of someone close, extreme ectasy, extreme fear (war, abuse, separation), for children may be derived from divorce of parents. This could include both snap encounters or long-term experiences.

6) a human who has the expanded capacities to see or sense the disturbances or communications within a compressed/disturbed atom or altered energy environment. This would include young children with sterile senses and those few with altered or expanded and unexplainable human faculties.

7) to see or sense based on the imagination and coincidental patterns of light, texture, formation and time sequences, or thermal (hot/cold)and pressure differences. This would include staring a long time in a woods and seeing images of strange creatures or creations mixed in with the natural environment. Quick glances sometimes present a vision which is quickly interpreted and sometimes misinterpreted.

Standard Definitions by other media:

Merriam-webster & Wikipedia -

... something seen in a dream, trance or ectasy; especially: a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation ...

Merriam-webster continued -

... the act or power of imagination ... unusual discernment or foresight ... direct mystical awareness of the supernatural usually in visible form ... a person or thing of extraordinary beauty

... unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight ... a mental image produced by the imagination ... mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being

Me again:

Other factors to consider when discussing visions includes states of awake (consciousness):

* Wild awake (on something)
* Wide awake
   (self induced day dreaming)
* Half awake (half asleep)
* Micro sleep (micro dreaming)
* Asleep (dreaming)
* Trance 
 (may be self directed or non directed)

Shower Curtain Murder (X)

This vision appeared to me in the shower curtain. It was most surprising, but once I started to see it, I realized it had a hell of a story to tell.
There were two pillars, left and right.

The vision began at the top of the right pillar. There was a woman’s head with shoulder length hair. Stuck into the top of her head directly over the right eyeball was a dagger, with only the handle showing.

The blood from the wound poured down through her right eyeball, and down her neck. The stream of blood became her torso until it reached her pelvis bone, where it pooled. Then it dripped down her leg onto the head and open mouth of a demon.
The demon’s head was skeletal. Its body was the blade of a dagger.

Across from the demon on the left pillar, there stood a man with a shovel. He was digging something, a shallow grave perhaps. There was another man with him, and he pointed up at the woman with the dagger in her head.

Below the two of them, there was another scene.

On the left pillar, a woman, an Indian woman, I presumed an elder. You could see she had special powers as she had two eyes upon her face, but she had two much larger, alien-looking eyes where her legs crossed. The eyes looked out from her motherly organs, and I assumed by their size, played a much more important role in her guidance than did her seeing eyes.
The old woman sat in front of a roaring fire. But she did not look directly at the fire. She looked through the fire at a young woman who sat on the other side of the fire, on the right pillar.

This young woman’s head was bowed as she listened to the old woman speak. There was danger in this young woman’s life as could be seen by a large whittled branch with a rock tied to it and hanging just above the young woman’s head.

I did not understand if this young woman by the fire was the same woman who had been killed at the top of the pillar, but I had a feeling it was because it appeared that the blood dripped down through each scene on the right pillar.

The blood dripped into a pool below that bubbled and boiled. That was the bottom of the right pillar.

Across from the dripping blood and on the bottom of the left pillar was a skeleton that appeared to be dancing.

And that was the end of the vision. My conclusion is that this Vision was a Type 7 Vision, but ... at the time, I wondered if there wasn't a message being put before me; possibly a Type 1 premonition, but nothing occurred to attach it to. Hence, The Type 7 stands.

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