Twin Lakes Morrison County, MN

​Twin Lakes​​

​​Date: 4 September​ 2014

Time: 830 pm to 1130 pm

​Morrison County, MN

​Russ V, Vanessa P, Simon P, Daniel V, and Troy G​

Equipment Used:
Digital recorders 1, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Tester with temperature reader

Weather: Thunderstorm just dropped 5 inches of rain.​​
​There are several -undocumented- tales that relate to one of the lakes that make up the Twin Lakes in Morrison County. In the mid Forties, a young girl disappeared. She was found by a local man buried in the mud on the shore of the lake. He only found her after the rain had washed away enough dirt to allow one of her hands to be seen. Some time between then and now, two boys had apparently died in the same lake. And the worst tale, which occurred in the nearby woods perhaps some time in the 1800s, involved a man who got into an argument with his wife while cutting wood. Well, you can finish that tale yourself.

A first-hand account by one of the locals ...​ ​Mr. Johnson, who is now in his Nineties, recalls his run-in with the ghost back in the early Forties shortly before he left to serve in World War II:

​​We heard about the ghost down at Twin Lakes. Three of us had been going out there to look for it. And when it was pitch dark, and real still, you would hear strange things out there. And then one night, we seen the ghost. It was a woman walking up and down, back and forth to the lake, and to the shore, with a bright light that she had. There was a sick cow down there, and she, the ghost, avoided the sick cow. I told the one guy; don’t touch that ghost, or you’ll get deathly sick-that is what my father told me. He touched the ghost anyhow, and got deathly sick for three weeks with pneumonia.

But I saw the ghost myself. The three of us saw it. Most of them (who will remember the incident) are all dead now, he said. And as for the three of them, they never went back.​​

​​ And yet today, he said, I believe the ghost is still out at Twin Lakes, walking up and down and looking for the little girl that was murdered. The ghost is probably her mother or her grandmother still looking. The little girl was eventually found by a local resident. She was buried in the mud there…and only her hand was sticking out when they found her.​​

His words of wisdom for those that go looking for the Twin Lake ghost. ​​Just don’t touch it.

Reminder: Always get permission prior to entering private property.
At one location during the investigation, we kept getting readings off the electromagnetic field (EMF) reader, which was quite unusual for sitting in the woods along the edge of the lake with no electrical wires or homes within a half mile. We also had grey masses in three of the photos, one of those is pictured above (inset at left). I might be piecing things together a little bit here, but there sure appears to be a face looking our way. Can you see it?

In the picture below, one of those grey masses seems to be moving up the upper left side of the frame.​​ Can I say it is paranormal. Not matter of factly, but it is damn unusual.
There is a calling/scream that kicks off right at the start of this clip that will send chills down your spine. The youngest fellow in our group that night also is interested in Sasquatch, and does a good call. I had asked him to give us one of his best. He did, and what is on this clip, had come within ten seconds after he finished, almost as if in response. ​The sound belongs in a scary movie. There may be a logical explanation for this; a young girl calling out into the night on the other side of the lake. Anything is possible, and I don't feel I can say it is paranormal, but once again - it was damn unusual and somewhat frightening as you can tell by the reaction of the guest investigators. You will have your best luck listening to it with headphones.
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