Winthrop, MN
1st Visit: Russ, Purple
2nd Visit: Russ, Purple
3rd Visit: Russ, Tammy
Visit 2
10 Dec 12

This abandoned property had once been a large, thriving farm whose architecture resembles a Southern plantation, and whose large dining/kitchen room was the most active place in the house as food was constantly being prepared for the many hired hands. Now, decades later, that 25-foot square room still remains the liveliest place in the house. But not by the living. A former resident told me that he heard a woman's voice in the kitchen one evening. She said in a voice easily heard, There's a bat on the floor. And when he looked, there indeed was a bat on the floor. Throughout the sound bits in this group, there was no wind and no one in the house. As a matter of fact, you can hear me and my partner talking outside on several of these as the tapes were rolling. I didn't realize how sensitive to sound my recorder was. Next time, I will know better and keep my big mouth shut.

In this first sound bit, you can hear footsteps and activity at the cupboard.

In the second bit, there is so much activity in the kitchen area that you can actually imagine people moving about, and preparing food.

This next bit of door creaking open may or may not be in the kitchen, but it is difinitely in the downstairs area. Again, there was no one in or near the house.



This final bit from the downstairs is indescribable; classic horror movie material. Slow creaky footsteps or door opening and closing.


Visit 1
3 Dec 12

I had been in the hall at these intersecting doorways when I caught the sound of two distinct spirits. First, I heard what I call a disembodied voice. That is a voice or sound you can hear with your own ears but have no explanation for its presence. Then, secondly, and just shortly after the first, I caught an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena, which is a voice or sound that you do not hear with your ears, but shows up later on the digital voice recorder.

I was told by a former resident that they occasionally heard old-time music playing softly in the night. So I brought a MP3/speaker setup and we played old-time music. Re-creating a memory from the past will often stir spirits into responding, and in this case, I believe it worked. I played the music for a while, then turned it off so I could hear better. Immediately upon turning it off, I heard a disembodied voice. It sounded like a woman at first, humming/singing perhaps, then saying, Hello. The murmuring went on for almost a minute. When we listened to the recording later, it was then we thought it might actually be a child. See what you think. (Note: On this first visit, the former owners still resided at the residence and were downstairs watching television, but it was quickly confirmed that the voices I was hearing had no connection to what they were watching on television.)

Original:                                                    Enhanced:

I called my partner over to hear the voices as well, to verify. Here is the play by play leading up to an EVP.

Me: I swear I heard voices coming out of this room down here.

My partner: Which one; that one?

Then the EVP of a man saying: Wide Sprendle.

Original:                                                      Enhanced:​​​​

At first, I thought he was saying his name, which might have been Wyatt Sprendel. I looked up the name, nothing, and then the word, Sprendle. I found it to be a very hard word to find on the internet. It is quite uncommon and perhaps only used decades ago, as I have never heard of it. One definition of it meant: To trick, to mislead or misdirect. I researched it more and found some history on the word and a strange background began to show itself. Then, when I tried to research it again later, I couldn't find the word at all. One more common definition, spelled either Sprendle or Sprendel, had to do with the parts of a window. There could be a wide distance between "sprendles," but then, why would he be telling me that. Did he intend to push me out. Ha, okay, getting wierd. Anyhow, you decide.


The house was apparently built in 1892, or at least finished around that year. It was all built with hand tools (can you imagine), and took several years to build. The original owner of the property (the land), had fought in the Civil War and had moved to Minnesota some years later, purchasing the property in the early 1880s. He didn't stick around long, and moved west shortly after, selling the property. It is apparent by the dates, that he didn't build the house, but it was more than likely the next owners who did, and they owned and farmed many acres in the area, mostly wheat and other crops of the day.
Visit 3
11 Jan 13

It was a dreary, foggy night, and after 'getting permission,' I headed out to the old place to re-confirm a few experiences. This time, with some new equipment in hand. The "Lady of the Kitchen," as I now call her, did not disappointment me. She provided me with numerous sound bits of her noisy antics, to include some (possibly intelligent) knock responses.

In this these sound bits, we were sitting upstairs asking questions and hoping for EVPs, when I decided to try the ole Shave and a Hair Cut knocks. And to our surprise, we got the 'Two Bits' response from downstairs. And, if you listen to the whole thing, there are plenty of unexplained noises, an exhale (or short word) at the beginning, and a surprise at  the end.

In this second piece, I ask the spirits to knock twice if they want us to leave. We get a response, but not one easy to interpret. We are still upstairs, but listen carefully to catch all the sounds of movement being recorded on the recorder in the kitchen downstairs.

I added this final bit because it, to me, is comparable to the grand finale at the end of a fireworks show. I don't know what the 'Lady of the Kitchen' is up to, but she is busy doing something.

I have to add that she will not make a single sound if you are on the same floor with her. I listened to 30 minutes of complete silence as we sat motionless downstairs. She didn't make a peep.


I only saw orbs in photos from upstairs. These two floated above my recorder, as was the case in 3 out of 6 photos I took in a row of this area just outside the doorway to the attic steps. They seemed attracted to my recorder or the attic doorway (It was winter and cold, so no bugs were present, nor do I suspect dust. Reflections were possible). My recorder was placed in that location specifically because that is where I got my best Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), a voice that I did not hear with my ears, but was heard later on the digital recorder. NOTE: If you look at the other photo, top right, you will notice an orb in the photo in almost this same exact area, only from another angle, totally different day.


This farmhouse, despite being disconnected from electricity, has an incredibly high ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) baseline of .6 to .7. To compare, the baseline of my house is .1 to .2. When taking readings on the main floor, the EMF increased to a .8 after we opened the basement door. On the upstairs floor, while doing an EVP session, and requesting the spirits to come closer, we had readings as high as .9. No temperature changes were recorded. NOTE: Definition of an EMF is a property of space caused by the motion of an electric charge (Brittanica).
      ------ Orb

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