St. Cloud 1 PI No. 2
St. Cloud, MN

​St. Cloud 1
St. Cloud, MN​
​2nd investigation

​​Date: 5 May 16
​Time: 6 to 9

​Russ V

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Tester with temperature reader

Is it haunted?
There have been a number of Class A EVP and Ghost Box responses​​​​ that have been taken from this location. Not to mention the strange light experiences. I even had responses that I have heard with my ear. I can say with some degree of certainty that there is paranormal activity at this location.

NOTE: Headphones helpful when listening to paranormal audio evidence
Or see it here...
Some of my favorite clips on their own
Ghost: Not in here
Ghost: It's Freddy
I ask if it is a male or female.
Three ghosts respond:
1st: Both
2nd: Female
3rd: Male
Then I say, 'Both'​​​​​
I ask, What's your name?

Ghost: Mary​​
I ask, What's your reasons for being here?

Ghost responses:
1st: Fear
2nd: Death​​
3rd: Hope
4th: Death​​