St. Cloud 1
Saint Cloud, MN


​St. Cloud 1

​​Date: March 14, 2016​
Time: 7 pm to 11 pm

​St. Cloud, MN

Search4Spirits Investigator:
​Russ V
Guest Mystikologist​
Tracy Krouse​
GI: Tammy V, Mark

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Infrared video camera setup, Full spectrum video camera, Digital camera 2, EMF readers 2, Spirit Box

My thoughts:
We ran into a variety of activity during this investigation; some I would like the opportunity to debunk at a time when the location is not so active with 'live' people. But, there were many times while listening to the audio that I was picking up voices, some screams, that I was sure weren't human but​​​ it was too hard to distinguish between the two. I have been invited back and look forward to completing a more thorough investigation soon. 
Narrative of clip 3:

Disembodied female voice: '...out of the theater.'

This voice was picked up on a recorder when we were being given a tour of the place upon arrival. Good reason to keep the recorders rolling the entire time.
Narrative of clip 2:

Music from upstairs...

​Investigator: 'If this door pops open'

Disembodied male voice: 'Close the door'

Investigator footsteps

Disembodied male voice: 'There's someone; someone back in the...'

​​See matching video below!
NOTE: Headphones are almost a necessity when listening to paranormal audio evidence
Narrative of clip 1:

Investigator: 'Then we've got some unusual activity'

Disembodied male voice, 'Back here.'

Interesting how the Ghost completed my sentence​​
Experience from clip 2 caught on video... Keep in mind, we had cameras rolling, and had been in every room. There was no one in the basement at this time, but one man who checked the furnace in the basement and then left right away, without talking to anyone. Notice the orbs in the minutes during and just after your hear the disembodied voices. I watched an hour of tape, and the only orbs that appeared were at this time...the next 50 minutes after this clip there wasn't an orb to be seen or voice to be heard.
Video Compilation below- MAY NEED TO PLAY A FEW TIMEs THRU TO SEE/HEAR THINGS. Turn your volume up! ​A compilation of orbs, voices, footsteps and some rare footage of me investigating. NOTE: Not all orbs are considered unexplainable. Frankly, most can be identified as bugs or dust. The orbs I have in this video clip stand out as unusual because of their speed, direction or multi direction of travel and type of illumination. See what you think. In the last scene, it leads up to the activity in the video, above, where we recorded the voices, and saw the lights flashing in the darkness.
TURN VOLUME UP to hear breathy disembodied voices