Soo Line Saloon
Remer, MN

​Soo Line Saloon
Remer, MN​
21 August 2016
​830 pm to Midnight
Search4Spirits Investigator:
​Russ V
Guest Investigator:
Terri Nystrom​​

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera 2, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Readers 2, Spirit Voice Box 1, laser grid tool

NOTE: Headphones are almost a necessity when listening to paranormal audio evidence
Activities Reported:
​Ball of light moved thru room 2016 / radio fell 2014 / dishes fell 2016 / door slamming by bathrooms / worker saw apparition come in from front door area and exit thru back room door / TV and lights will be on in the morning when then come in for work / eerie feeling on south side of bar

Area History:
​1989 10 people killed in house fire north of town, 2006 Female died in accident after leaving that location, 2009 former owner died, 2010 Woman strikes and kills husband with her car

Investigation notes:​​
​On three occasions knocks (creaks) were heard; most proceeding a request for contact / volleyball-sized orb saw passed thru kitchen area about a foot off the ceiling

​On the equipment:
​Orbs, some in the realm of ‘unusual’ / whistling-confirm with owners / spoken word ‘ten;’ unable to cross confirm voice on other recording equipment / Spider web-like material moving on screen / no voices heard on digital recorders, during spirit box session and only one possible on video tape

​Multiple windows in bar with multiple reflective objects hanging about the building have the potential to move light around in unusual ways when vehicles pass / Noise from running coolers and equipment created too much white noise and may have made it hard to hear spirit responses

Possible debunks:
​There is a sound corridor between the northeast corner of the bar and the south side of the bar, to include the bathroom area. Is it possible that people coming inside and out to smoke from tenant apartments may be slamming doors and it sounds like it is coming from inside due to this sound corridor / most orbs recorded when investigators were moving, which may mean that they were reflections off eyeglasses, camera lenses or other equipment; other orbs may be due to passing car headlights shining in thru the windows and reflecting off reflective signs, within the building / Did not experience any electronics turn off or on, nor any movements of items within the building, doors, etc., all doors appeared to be in working order in area of concern

Search4Spirits comments:
​None of the current evidence points to an intelligent haunting. This location has had a lot of paranormal-like experiences, and some unusual activities were experienced during the investigation. Additional investigations may or may not bring more evidence and information to the forefront. Currently, there doesn’t appear to be any spirit activity that is negatively affecting the business area of the location. The investigation did not include attached apartments or rooms.
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Soo Line Saloon​