Rural Biscay farm
Biscay, MN


​Recently abandoned farm house

​​Date: 9 May 2015

Time: 8 pm to 10 pm

​Biscay, MN

Search4Spirits Investigators:
​Russ V
Shannon B​

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 1, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Tester with temperature reader, P-SB7 Spirit Box with external speaker

Narrative of clip:

Investigator 1: "Can you knock on something like this?" Then investigator knocking two times.

This is followed by a faint but recognizable double knock.

Investigator 2: "Yep, did you just make a noise."


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Narrative of clip:

The clock is ticking... the clip is cut right to the spot where there seems to be a knocking​​ that starts and follows the ticking of the clock and ending with one larger knock.

An investigator downstairs with a second recorder also asking questions: Are you happy the family is gone now?

Investigator upstairs: "Is that you?"

It is interesting to mention that the investigator upstairs did not hear knocking, but rather was hearing whispering. But when the tapes were reviewed, the whispering was not heard, only the knocks.​​​​

NOTE: Audio clearer when heard with headphones. In order to fully hear the words in case of soft tones, it may require multiple plays.

The family who owned this recently abandoned farm house near Biscay, MN had their share of strange noises over the years-most of which occurred when they were remodeling the home. In the most recent remodel, the family removed a hand-made cabinet that was built into the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Since moving that cabinet out, they noticed a significant change in the atmosphere around the home, as well as fewer noises in the night. But, apparently... not all of the spirits left with the cabinet.
Narrative of clip:

Investigator 1: I understand one of you boys died in one of these rooms?

This is followed by us moving in the room - the floor creaking, but within that creaking, it appears like there is a voice that says, 'Yes.' (One of the brothers that lived their did indeed die in that house.)

Investigator 1: Maybe you don't know your dead?

A second later, at the end of the clip, you hear an exhale voice that appears to say, 'No.'​​

This exhale voice was heard in response to at least two other questions we asked.​​

In this video clip, an investigator is asking questions in hopes for a response on the "Ghost Box," which can clearly be heard in the background. What makes this segment unique is the orbs that seem to come out in response to the questions. Watch the shadow area to the right side. This is the only location during the investigation in which orbs appear. It could be explained off as dust and/or small flying insects, but the coincidental nature of their appearance is, at least, strange, and like I said, they only appeared in this location and during this sequence of questioning.