Reported Hauntings
2016 Reported Hauntings

12 Jul 16, Remer, MN
Local business owner said electronics going on and off by themselves, a large orb shot thru the inside of the building one night that was bright enough to be a spot light, and a renter saw an unidentified man walking away from the building and then disappear.​
11 Jul 16, Belgrade, MN
​Child frantically calling thru baby monitor for Mommy, Mommy, and ... it isn't her child.

​​14 Mar 16, Minot, ND
Woman fears demon is in her home. Entity identified itself to her as the 'son of Lucifer.' Things started in 2010 after her and some friends attempted to contact spirits via EVPs at their place of work. Something followed her home and began to communicate with her, telling her to do bad things. It also made her horribly sick for over 8 months. Then it started to affect her daughter. Her toddler began talking to unseen things. They also experienced slamming doors, shadow figures and voices. She contacted some psychics and mediums for help, but despite getting additional information as to how it could happen, she had no luck finding someone who could help her get rid of it. Because there was a child involved, Search4Spirits immediately contacted a colleague who has dealt with demons and is one of the few who can actually destroy them. The team later met with this colleague, see excerpt of video at right, and explained everything they knew, which is much more than what is in this paragraph. The colleague then contacted the woman, and after working with her for several days, has cleared the demon that was causing her the most trouble.

2015 Reported Hauntings

26 Dec 15, Belle Plaine, MN & Pine City, MN
​BP: Different dogs nipping and barking at child, dogs will not go to basement, son saw man (spirit) following his mother up the stairs.
PC: Lights turning on and off; fog, mist and orbs showing up in pictures​
8 Dec 15, Little Falls, MN
​Doors locking, unlocking, doors opening
25 Sep 15, Wadena County, MN
​Items moving around by themselves in the house, closet doors opening by themselves
1 Sep 15, Minneapolis, MN
Would not detail experience, but wanted information about paranormal investigating​ to help him deal with what had been experienced
11 Aug 15, Belgrade, MN
Glowing eyes in picture, voices, baby crying, child pointing at corner of room and talking in room late at night

​​​​​​The team began documenting calls and emails due to the increased number of contacts received. Each contact does not end up with an investigation, but the team offers tips, referrals and a good listening ear to those with questions and concerns about their paranormal experiences.
List of Hauntings reported to Search4Spirits, where team members have talked directly with people who are experiencing the paranormal in their homes or businesses and have requested information or assistance. It does not mean an investigation has taken place. They will only be identified by First Contact Date, City, State, and Reported Haunting Activity:
NOTE: We at Search4Spirits do NOT recommend that you attempt to contact spirits/ghosts using any type of equipment, such as recorders, Ouija boards or thru any other spirit-calling tools. It can be dangerous, even for experienced paranormal investigators, and you could open yourself up to harm, an attachment, or even a possession by a negative or a demonic spirit/entity..

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