The Noun
Rant: The Noun:
A bombastic, extravagant speech.

It was that which woke me in the night, whence I was subject to the spirit's bombast. 

And in these hours, the words and images came forth and were forced upon me. And I was not allowed to sleep until they were in written word form and I assured the spirit I would give the words an audience.

When you wake with a shudder in the middle of the night and the first thing that comes to your mind is your own death, it is worth tracking the thoughts. When it leads to a potential premonition, it is worth writing it down.

I am not sure why I dream of the apocalypse, or why the thoughts wake me in the middle of the night and force me to sort through them when I’d much rather be sleeping. But it happens.

I had always hoped, with some proper planning, that my family and I could live through an apocalyptic event. The key to me isn’t living through it; it is surviving what follows - the post-apocalyptic Earth.

In this Vision, my family and I succumb to gasses that have been released from the Earth, and become inadvertent observers of the aftermath from another level of existence. A place where only those who recently passed can commune.

I watched from somewhere above my own home as earth quakes shifted the Earth’s surface forcing large deep cracks, like cuts on the skin, that wedged open and were broad open sores on the surface. My house was on fire, and then the dry grasses and the woods were ablaze.

There were lots of escaped gasses during this process. It was these gasses that killed many.

I wanted to tell the people to not be frightened. Do not panic and go running into the street, do not race down the highway insanely in cars and do not jump out of buildings. If I could, I would tell them to gather their family near them and just wait it out. If it is death; it is okay to die. If it is life, then you move forward from there.

Time passed very fast where my family and I were at. The entire apocalyptic event lasted no longer than an afternoon it seemed, and immediately, recovery began. How long it actually lasted in Earth time, I cannot say.

Other than the actual event, the main residual effect on the Earth will be an increase in the average temperature. It will be much hotter.

Millions will succumb to the heat. The extreme heat will keep people inside much of the day, with most of the gathering and survival tasks being completed at dusk and dawn, or at night.

The Earth recovers quickly. There are lots of rain events and with the natural underground flow, the newly formed cracks quickly fill with water and become large, deep lakes. These lakes will be important in the future as fish will flourish in them and create an abundance of food for those who live near them – for the human populations that are left.

In addition to the lakes, a new breed of trees will emerge; trees that can handle the heat. They will spread fast across the ground where trees had once been, but had been removed over the years by humans. Most rural cities will quickly become hidden by the trees, but it will be welcomed because the trees will provide a much needed shade from the hot sun. The new fauna and forests will provide fruits and nuts and wild game. It is basically a rebirth and by year 100 of post apocalyptic times, the Earth will become much like a large Garden of Eden to its surviving inhabitants.

There will be very little advances or attempts to go back after oil. A few gas vehicles will hum around and remain in existence on the roads for years, but once the pre-apocalyptic fuel supply is gone; they will remain parked indefinitely. Conversation pieces. Memories.

More people will ride horse. Wagons will be built. Bicycles will be popular until there no tires left to replace the flats. There will be a variety of electric vehicles that run on solar power or are powered up by wind power – two of the more popular post-apocalyptic energy sources.

Many houses will be built partially underground (Utilizing the Earth’s mass for cooling will be important). Most houses will have brick or rock walls; some will be made of logs, all with tin roofs whose soffits almost touch the ground. The attics will be three to five feet deep with insulation. This type of housing, constructed and lived in prior to the apocalyptic event, would have saved many lives.

And the Earth will remain this way for approximately 1500 years. Then it will end.


In a curious and shocking conversation with my 5-year-old daughter, she explained to me that a boy (spirit) had appeared to her. That he had been following her around, and even went to daycare with her where he talked with other young children. But, she said, "he is leaving soon." I asked where, but she didn't know, but this is what she did say. She said the boy told her that he was taking a large bird and a snake with him. And that the bird would eventually eat the snake and then there would only be the bird left. I then asked if the boy was coming back or was going to be gone forever. She told me matter-of-factly that the young boy said he would be back in 1500 years. I never talk to my daughter about my apocalypse dreams; nor do I talk about them at home at all. I thought it was quite a coincidence that her young spirit friend would foretell his return in 1500 years.

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