Poetry to Twin Peaks
To 'Laura Palmer's Theme'

Laura Palmer, Laura
Where do I hear you, Laura
Your breath, slow and desperate
Deep are your wounds
Now washed by the lake

Under twin mountain peaks, blossoming
With snow white eyes, can you see
In the air so sweet
So gloriously pine sweet
So memorable your feat
To get here

Crashing down

So precisely you are laid
Wrapped in water, quiet
What do you fear, Laura

Do the angels follow you
And will they carry you up
Higher and higher, over peaks
To peace, near eagles
Hidden in trees
Or can you see yourself

Falling, falling, falling, fall

Did the past fall from beneath you
Hide your footprints, Laura
Silence your name, loneliness
As your spirit lingers

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To 'The Pink Room'

To 'Laura Palmer's Theme'

To 'Half Heart'
To ‘Half Heart’

Where were you
When my heart had died
Where were you
When the angels’ cried

Was there a heart inside
The lonely spirit who came
To lay beside me

Was it sweat or blood
That moistened my skin
When I could not see

Your darkness, our shadows
In silent rhythms, the pain
Told me you lied

Now blue eyes turned
Grey, the stain keeps others
Away, and to you

The one I needed
I cannot confide
Where were you
When my heart had died

To ‘The Pink Room’


[XX] = Moral detached Persona - guitar
(XX) = Boyhood dread Persona - vocal
{XX} = Movement/visual stimulants - drums
No brackets = Evil Persona – standing base
Italics = Impudent narrator – violin swell
BOLD = non instrumental sound


To die for dark behavior

Pink hues, ultraviolet blues
Bleed to dance floor, bodies
Back room beat, volume swell
Till well past
Girls, nearly nude
Sway idly, caress
Dark corner, feed mysterious
Eyes, dark thoughts

CHAPTER 1 (Hit Play on music here)

[Get out of here]

{Yes I see you} {In your debut}
{Dancing for me} {In the pink hue}

[Get out of here, get out, get out, get out]

{I see your sweat} {See how you sway}
{I watch your hands} {Do what they may}
Rip   (don’t)

{Blue backs away} {I would not}   (don’t come)
{Blue so cold} {Pink so hot}

[Please run]

{Slowly you move} {With the mood}
{Cross the floor} {Dressed nearly nude}

Why don’t you come, here   (don’t come over)
I want to move, you   (don’t) (don’t come)

{Tiny spiked breasts} {Skin tight skirt}
{Short black hair} {Brown eyes that flirt}
Rip   (don’t)

[Please run]

Bathe in black light, blue
Old boy in the toy, room   (don’t)


{So near now} {Between gin sips}
(Taste your sweet} {Your pursed lips}

Why don’t you come, here   (don’t come)
I want to move, you   (no, no)

{Your dear friend} {She’s pretty too}
{But she’s no good} {Skin’s too blue}

[Get away, run]

I want to hold, you
Bring it in close, now   (don’t)

[Run, run, run, run, run]


Why don’t you come, here   (don’t)
I want to move, you   (oh, oh no)


(Step be-tween} {Cut the ties}
{Blue's eyes talk} {They speak lies}

Almost in my arms, now
It’s time to trust, me    (don’t)

(Blue grabs for you} {You’re too wiped}
{You let her go} {Watch Blue leave}

[It’s too late. It’s too late. It’s too late]

{Leaning on me} {Dancing with me}
{Arms wrap around} {Too cut to flee}

Bang, bang, boom, boom, you   (don’t do it)
Here in the back, room   (don’t)

[Too late, too late, too late]

Ever see such a desperate face

I’m going to hold, you   (don’t)
I’m going to move, you

[Too late, too late, too late]

Silly girl got into drugs

Hand in the honey, dew   (no)
All Pink and no, blue

[Too late]

Mother wouldn’t approve,
Oh, No, mother wouldn’t approve

Watch the dark man, move   (don’t now)
Watch the dark shadow, groove   (don’t)

[Don’t you ever come back]
[I’m telling you, don’t you ever come back]

All pink and no, blue   (don’t)
Deep dark guitar, groove   (oh no)

[Don’t ever, don’t]

Can’t take it back, now
Drop the pink skirt, now

Slap, slap


Can you hang in, there   (no, don’t)
Don’t you pass out, now   (no)

Fear. This one don’t feel fear

[Don’t ever come back]

{Bump’n at the hip} {Now fighting my grip}
{Twisting in my arms} {Pink’s losen her trip}

This girl don’t feel anything, oh man

[Don’t ever come back]

What are you fighting, for
Where did you get, no don’t   (no)


[You have to run]

What have you done, now   (no)
Where’d you get the gun, Pink   (oh, no)

[Run and run and run]

You’re right, no fear here

Didn’t mean to hurt, you   (oh, no)
What have you done, now

[Run, pink, run]

Is that you screaming
Why is everyone screaming

Hit the cym-bals, hard   (no)
Hit that crescendo, quick, before   (oh, no)

[And never come back]

Pink’s gone. She’s so gone. And it’s so black

Pink? Pink?



And if you actually made it to this point, and are wondering what the freak is talking about, here is the story I created after listening to the instrumental “The Pink Room."

There are two barely dressed girls dancing together, doped up, and groping to slow, sleazy music in an ‘undisclosed, all-night’ back room dance club filled with pink and blue ultraviolet lights, and nothing more than shadows outside the dance floor. It is a place where couples come to do just about anything, which often leads to sex. One lone man, a regular, looms in the darkness, drinking his gin, waiting, watching. When the opportunity comes, he moves in, pushes Blue aside, and dances with Pink who is somewhat receptive but doped up. Dark, the man, leads her to the corner, where he attempts to rape her. Pink starts coming to, begins to fight it, then pulls the ultimate defense, a twin-barrel derringer, from somewhere on her person. She plugs him with two shots in the chest at point blank range. Then flees. Dark is surprised. Dark is dead.

The end.

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