Plato Hall
Plato, MN


Investigation Location:
​Plato Hall
Plato, MN​

​​Date: 26 Feb 2016
​Time: 7 pm to 11 pm
Search4Spirits Investigators:
​Russ V, Shannon B
​Guest Investigator: 
​Chuck V
Role Players:
Tammi V, Teanna V,​​ Hannah Y

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Infrared video camera 2, Digital camera, EMF & temperature reader 2, Voice Box 1, camera 1

My thoughts:
The evidence obtained is not enough to conclude that the Hall is haunted. Not to discredit what others say they have experienced there, but our investigation was inconclusive. There were unexplainable things, which I have shown on this page, to include a few interesting voices that were recorded from the voice box, but not a single EVP was picked up the entire evening.

Final Note: I would like to thank those representatives from the city offices who helped me set this up, provided me with historical information, and hung out during the investigation, as well as the council for allowing me to do the investigation.

And... a special thanks to my three role players for assisting in a small re-enactment, which we hoped would draw out the spirits!​​

The role players took a turn alone with the Ghost Box upstairs.

Role Player 1: "Are you related to Russ?"

After a slight pause, an unexplained male voice: (Sounds like the word is slightly broken up) "No."

​Role Player 1: "Oh, my God."

Needless to say, the role players who helped me out, joined us downstairs seconds after this.​​


I had asked the three role players who helped me out that night, all females, if they would take a turn with the Ghost Box, in case any spirits that were present might feel more comfortable talking to them. I explained to them the use of the box, and said they could sit over on this bench while they asked questions. And just after I left, and before they even asked a question, a voice came across the Ghost Box.

Unexplained female voice: "Sitting."

NOTE: Headphones are almost a necessity when listening to paranormal audio evidence

The Plato Community Hall was built in 1921 in what I was told, a swampy area of the city. A park and ball field were added, and this swamp became the 'activity' centerpiece for the community for the next 80+ years. Though attendance has slowed, there still are a number of wedding and anniversary dances, balls, graduations, etc. held in the large two-story building.

Some years ago, a few ghost tales appeared on the internet about the Plato Hall. One story involved a young girl who was hiding under the sink in the women's bathroom during a game of hide-and-seek. It was at that time she saw a woman in her thirties or forties wearing an 1800s-era dress. The woman was looking at her, then came towards her as if to communicate with her, but then disappeared right through the wall.

A second story is from two young boys ​who came into the hall to use the bathroom during a birthday party at the park. Apparently, they accidently got locked in, and while looking for another door to get out, they ran into the apparition of a large man carrying a chef's knife, who also disappeared.

​​In conversation with a Medium, we talked about the possibility of a different building having been located at that location or near it, that may have been a church or community gathering place. And in this place, there was a room on the second floor that had a lot of spiritual energy attached to it. Was the hall truly the first building at this location? Or for some reason, were the Medium and I receiving hits from another building within the community that is giving off high paranormal energy. 

​​Also, in my research, I have come across a number of tragic deaths and fires that have occurred in the community over the years. It is possible that spirits still residing in the community, occasionally make their way back to the hall, the community gathering place, to hang out or attend events. Spirits do thrive in the energy that comes from large groups. It was why I thought it would be good timing to investigate the hall after one of their larger events, the annual fish fry.

Investigator 1 is asking about a former employee at the Plato Hall:
​"Remember her?"
Unexplained female voice "Me."

G-Investigator: "Sounds ?"

Investigator 2: "Did you hear that, it said, Me​​​​"

NOTE: It must be noted that we worked the Ghost Box for around 45 minutes without a peep coming from it in the basement of the Hall. Then suddenly, this quick response when we mentioned the name of a well-known former employee.

Contacting spirits was the easy part. Try running into this scary dude in the dark.
Video clip above, an Orb is seen shooting from left to right. Because one of the main reports of ghost activity was noted in the female bathroom, we recorded over 2 hours of film of it. This orb, and two other instances of orb activity were recorded (this clip being the clearest, although one more interesting but less clear to see had an orb shooting into the view finder, then suddenly reversing itself and shooting back out of the scene).
Orb in picture: There were very few orbs in the photographs from our investigation at the Plato Hall, and most were small dust orbs. But this large orb appeared in only two pictures, taken at different times of the evening, and both times it hovered over the stage area, but in different locations. In the other photo, where it is not quite as clear, it was only about a foot off the stage.
In many instances, orbs can be debunked as light, a camera flash in some instances, reflecting off dust or a flying bug. But in other cases, they may be spherical bodies of energy that may be paranormal-as determined by the investigating team. In both these cases, it is simply unexplainable, and worthy enough to be noted
Ghost Box Recordings

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