Palmer House 2
Sauk Centre, MN


Investigation Location:
​Palmer House
Sauk Centre, MN​

​​Date: 16 April 2016
​Time: 7:30 pm to 3 am
Search4Spirits Investigators:
​Russ V

Other Organizations:
Things That Go Bump
Psychic Suzanne Worthley​
Other paranormal enthusiasts​​​​​

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder, ​​​Infrared video camera, Digital camera, EMF & temperature reader 2, camera

My thoughts:
There were a number of investigators and enthusiasts on site who documented a variety of unexplainable activity. Based on my investigation alone, there is paranormal activity at this location. The EVPs, Ghost Box responses and video back this up 100%. 

Thanks: to owner Kelley Freese for allowing paranormal investigators on site, and to her staff for being so accommodating, and to Things That Go Bump for hosting the event, and finally, to all the other participants for making it a professional yet enjoyable experience.

During our investigations, there were a number of temperature readings documented. Earlier in the evening, I was getting around 71 degrees. As it got dark, it dropped down to 67.2 degrees or so. But then we had several readings where the temperature dropped down to 66.6 degrees. This happened during the Ghost Box Session on the video above, as well as in this clip, which was the last EVP session of the night, meaning it was between 2 and 3 in the morning. At the end of this clip, I am talking and there is an unexplainable event where my conversation is replaced with some odd sounds and double knock, then all of a sudden you can hear me talking again.
The video above is a compilation of evidence obtained during a full weekend event hosted by Things That Go Bump, a PI team out of St. Paul, MN. It was well attended and my evidence is only a small part, as I only attended the evening investigations. Some of the pictures were taken by others and are noted within the video.
Available in EBook
​by Russ Victorian




The evidence: On video
Palmer House paranormal evidence video also is available on YouTube, click here to go to YouTube Video.