Palmer House
Sauk Centre, MN


​Palmer House Hotel

​​Date: 1 Jan 2016

Time: 630 pm to 830 pm

​Sauk Centre, MN

Search4Spirits Investigator:
​Russ V

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 1, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Tester with temperature reader

Narrative of clip:

Man asks question: "If you could mention your name so we could get it on the recorders that would be really nice. Thank you."

Unexplained female voice 1: "You asshole"

Another unexplained voice immediately says: ​​​"Cole"

Investigator: "We'd love to know who were talking with, who's here with us."

Unexplained voice : "Kayla" or Caleb​


Narrative of clip:

Man says, "And her meter, when it makes the noise, there's a spot on it that actually has to be touched."

Unexplained voice: "That's right"​​​​

NOTE: Headphones are almost a necessity when listening to paranormal audio evidence

There has been a hotel at this location in one form or another since 1863, and it has been noted that Spiritualism, to include lectures, séances, investigations and a history of spirit activity have been a part of this street corner dating back to these early years.

​​The Palmer House Hotel was built in 1901 to replace the previous hotel that burned to the ground. The hotel has survived the years and remains an attractive piece of Minnesota history that continues to serve its customers well, both the living...and the dead.

​​At least two well known historical characters have spent time at the hotel and are believed to still visit it: In 1902, Thomas (Cole) Younger of the James-Younger Gang that attempted to rob banks in Northfield, MN. And in 1903 - Nobel-Prize winning author Sinclair Lewis actually worked a short stint at the hotel.

​​But there are a number of other spirit residents who apparently show up, to include members of the Palmer family.

​​One can hardly spend time at the hotel without hearing a story of the paranormal, and those who go there seeking to connect, you more than likely will find what you are looking for.
Narrative of clip:

Investigator 1: "If there is anybody here, can you tell us your name?"

Unexplained voice, also heard by ear, cannot identify what is said, but clearly several others heard it.

Contacting spirits was the easy part. Try running into this scary dude in the dark.
Narrative of clips:

Both of these audio clips have unexplained voices that directly respond to a comment or question by saying, "No."​​

See if you can catch it​​