Never Left Home
Glencoe, MN
Russ, and the couple that resides at the home and a friend of theirs with an interest in the paranormal
Sound bits are easier to hear with headphones; turn volume up
Sound bits are easier to hear with headphones; turn volume up

​It is the thought of the home's occupants that the elderly couple who last lived at the residence, never left. In fact,  the husband had actually died in the home.

Since the arrival of this young family, they have experienced a number of bangs in the night, voices and other odd experiences. ​​

​On one occasion, a friend was watching television in the basement, and when they turned it off, a disembodied voice requested that it be turned back on. And on many occasions, later in the evening, around one in the morning, their are loud banging noises in one of the rooms upstairs.

Most recently, heavy labored breathing had been heard coming from one of the rooms in the basement.​​
The Investigation:
House, Glencoe, MN​
9 Feb 2013
Activity: Yes​

We shut the power down around eight. All became quiet in the basement where we settled into chairs except for the cooling of the hot-water furnace.  ​​​

​​Almost immediately, after we introduced ourselves to any spirits that might be present, the video camera in the next room shut down. When I turned it back on, the low battery signal was on. Despite a two-day charging, the battery was now dead. After putting in a fresh set of AAs, we got back to business.

​​There are at least six closet-sized rooms in the basement, spaces seldom occupied by humans, quiet spaces where a spirit might reside. I opened every door to the same distance to monitor if they would open or close about 30 minutes before the investigation. In this clip and short video, you hear what sounds to be the twist of a door handle. If you listen closely right before that sound, you can hear what sounds like footsteps or in this case, to me it almost sounds like electrical static - possibly of the spirit building up its energy source to make the 'physical' sound. I only say the latter part because I have heard a similar sound before other unexplained noises.



​​​​​​​​​​​​Also in the basement, we caught the sound of a woman moaning and a different metallic banging noise. Both were heard by ear, and caught by the recorder.

Unexplained bang:

Woman moaning:​​​​​ Original

Woman moaning: Enhanced​​

In this next video, there are orbs in conjunction with an EVP voice. The orbs will be in the upper right quarter of the screen, and will be easier to see if you enlarge the image. The EVP is toward the end and it sounds like a man's voice saying dub-a-dub, dub, dub. You can hear us talking off into the background, but suddenly there will be a voice in the foreground:​​

Main Floor:

After taking a short break, the investigation continued on the main floor of the house. I had already moved to the living room, set up a digital voice recorder, and placed a flashlight near the television where we had heard strange clicking sounds despite the power of the house was completely off.

For those unaware of the paranormal uses for a flashlight, there is the occasion when a twist on/off flashlight can be ​​set almost to the point of being on, but is off, and when a request is made for a spirit to turn it on, on occasion it will turn on without anyone being anywhere near it. Take it for what you will. I, too, am a skeptic of the flashlight being turned on by a spirit, but here are the details of our experience on this night:

I was about to ask if any spirit in the room could turn on the flashlight by the television, when the light came on. Keeping in mind, it had been off for a full ten minutes, not even a flicker. I called the rest of the group into the room so they, too, could experience it. We all sat in the living room. I then preceded to ask it questions, and two times in a row, the light turned off or on based on my request. Then something changed. The light would brighten or darken based only on the homeowner's voice. When I or anyone else talked, it did nothing. Unfortunately, I didn't have a video recorder handy; it was still taping in the basement. Still photos we took showed nothing.

We did get one more digital recording, after we all went to the second floor of the house. To me, it sounds like someone scribbling out notes on a note pad - although we were all upstairs.



We also had a digital recorder going on the second story of the house, in addition to investigators spending time up there. Other than a few bumps in the night which could have been the house cooling off (since we had shut the heat off), there was nothing recorded.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)/Temperature

This house had many areas in the basement and main floor that held extremely high EMFs when the power was on in the house. Some areas were so high that I suggested they bring in an electrician to check them out. Even with the power off, we still ran into several areas that were holding onto high EMFs, but only when we moved about to the different areas. There were no significant fluctuations during the investigation when we were sitting still and requested any spirits to come near, a .1 increase was measured on a few occasions.


​​​​The temperature decreased three degrees in the house as the investigation went on, but again, the power was off which obviously included the heat. No significant temperature fluctuations were found in the house during the investigation.

​​​​Still Photography:

There were well over a 100 photos taken. A number of orbs appeared in the photos, mainly in those taken on the second floor, but I am not willing to say there is anything paranormal about them. One of the more interesting orbs that had a much brighter light reflection than the rest is in the photo, top left. You cannot miss it. As all still photography I do is in duplicate, I can say that this orb either disappeared or changed appearance, as it did not show up in its duplicate (twin) photo.​​​