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​Search4Spirits (S4S) offers its services at no fee.

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Property Owners:​​

​​If you are a property owner interested in a paranormal investigation, send an email with your city, a way to contact you, and a brief description of what you have been experiencing to

​​We will take into consideration all requests, and will put priority on any situation involving children, life or serious injury. S4S is primarily an investigation team. We will do our best to record any paranormal or unusual activity at your location, and will provide you with an analysis, as well as a disk of any activity we have collected upon your request. We will answer any questions we can concerning your situation, and if needed, assist you in contacting other agencies that provide additional services. Our investigation area generally includes the corridor from Hutchinson to Brainerd, Sauk Centre to Milaca. But we will consider all requests.

Requests to investigate sites:

Anyone can request a paranormal investigation of a site where they have heard there is paranormal activity. We will consider every request. Requests are more readily accepted if you have a good contact name and phone number of the property owner so we can contact them for permission. If your requested has been accepted, I will let you know by email when the investigation is going to occur, and also when the completed​​​​ investigation is available to review on the web site. Please send your requests to

Guest Investigator Opportunities:

Opportunities are available for guest investigators to join the team on a paranormal investigation. You are responsible for your own transportation. Bringing a camera is recommended.

​​Search4Spirits is not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the investigation, in route to or on your return home. We also are not responsible for spirit attachments or any other ailments possibly associated with the investigation whether it be during, prior to or after, or at any time. Guest investigators will maintain their own insurance where necessary and assume all responsibility for any damages or issues that might occur to them, people associated to them, or their property. All guest investigators will sign a release prior to the investigation.

​​There is no charge, but a $25 donation would be appreciated.

If you are interested in joining us as a guest investigator, contact Search4Spirits via email at​.

Become a Search4Spirits Team Member:

If you want to become a member of the Search4Spirits team, send a letter of intent detailing your experiences, your current employment, what type of paranormal investigation equipment you own, are familiar with and have used, and what tasking you are willing to take on (Researcher, Marketer, Investigator, Digital and Video Equipment Specialist, Investigation Permission/Appointment setter) to All requests will be considered, and responses will be given on all requests. We reserve the right to select or deny any member.

To become and maintain your status as a team member, there is a $50 annual fee​​.

​​The S4S team is made up of all non-paid members, including no mileage. There are no employees, and all fees and donations go back into the S4S fund to cover investigation costs, equipment repairs and new equipment as determined by the S4S Budget Committee which consists of the Founder, and the First Team Lead Investigator.


Search4Spirits Team​​​​

Paranormal Terminology:​

EVP - ​​Electronic Voice Phenomena: Unexplainable voices/sounds that are not heard by the ear but are picked up by a audio recorder.

AVP - Audible Voice Phenomena: Disembodied or Unexplainable voices/sounds heard by the ear and usually picked up on audio equipment. Also known as disembodied sounds. ​​

EMF - Electro Magnetic Field​​: Electrical energy which can be picked up by a hand-held tester. It is often reported that Spirits can affect an EMF reading.

PI - Paranormal Investigation​​

Ghost, Spirit of Voice Box - AM/FM frequency sweep radio device used by paranormal investigators. It is commonly perceived that this instrument, which sweeps multiple radio frequencies, allows the investigator to hear and possibility communicate with spirits.

Mystikologist - A person who is spiritually connected, gifted with psychic ability, and knowledgeable regarding the world of spirits, demons and ethereal beings, and their powers. ​​

S4S Measurements of paranormal activity or evidence:

​​​UNUSUAL - The chance of it occurring is slim but not impossible; may be able to recreate the event.

​UNEXPLAINABLE - So odd, I may have not seen it occur before and if I have seen it before, its occurrence is certainly rare.

​PARANORMAL -  I generally reserve this title for those experiences that occur between our team members and an intelligent Spirit, Ghost, Energy. By intelligent, I mean it is directly reacting or responding to our voice or equipment.​​​

Note: All Audio clips are now enhanced unless noted as 'Actual.'​​