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​Search4Spirits (S4S) offers its services at NO fee for locations within the State of Minnesota. Donations are accepted. 

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Services Offered:
- Investigations of paranormal and unexplainable events at homes, businesses and exterior properties, to include ghosts, demonic activity, negative energy, bigfoot or any cryptozoology, elementals, UFOs, alien and unknown plasma/energy activity.

- Safe removal of items infected by or carrying residual from spirits, negative energies​ or demonic handling.
- ​Clear/Cleanse/Sage (Smudge) persons and property

- Blessings of persons and property (home and auto)

- Provide supernatural counseling and protection tools in person, by email or over the phone.

​​Property Owners:​​

​​If you are a home or business property owner experiencing unexplainable events, send an email to​​
​Include your complete address, a brief description of what you have been experiencing, and the best way to contact you.

​​We will contact you as soon as we can to answer any questions you may have concerning your situation, and if needed, set up a time and date to complete an initial or full investigation, or assist you in contacting other agencies that provide additional services.

Requests to investigate sites:

Anyone can request a paranormal investigation of a site where they have heard there is paranormal activity. We will consider every request. Requests are more readily accepted if you have a good contact name and phone number of the property owner so we can contact them for permission. If your requested has been accepted, I will let you know by email when the investigation is going to occur, and also when the completed​​​​ investigation is available to review on the web site or on youtube. Please send your requests to

Guest Investigator Opportunities:

Opportunities are available for guest investigators to join the team on a paranormal investigation. You are responsible for your own transportation. Bringing a camera is recommended.

​​Search4Spirits is not responsible for any accidents or injuries during the investigation, in route to or on your return home. We also are not responsible for spirit attachments or any other ailments possibly associated with the investigation whether it be during, prior to or after, or at any time. Guest investigators will maintain their own personal liability insurance where necessary and assume all responsibility for any damages or issues that might occur to them, people associated to them, or their property. All guest investigators will sign a release prior to the investigation.

​​There is no charge, but a $20 donation would be appreciated.

If you are interested in joining us as a guest investigator, contact Search4Spirits via email at​.

Become a Search4Spirits Team Member:

If you want to become a member of the Search4Spirits team, send a letter of intent detailing your experiences, your current employment, what type of paranormal investigation equipment you own, are familiar with and have used, and what tasking you are willing to take on (Researcher, Marketer, Investigator, Digital and Video Equipment Specialist, Investigation Permission/Appointment setter) to All requests will be considered, and responses will be given on all requests. We reserve the right to select or deny any member.

To become and maintain your status as a team member, there is a $50 annual fee​​.

​​The S4S team is made up of all non-paid members, including no mileage. There are no employees, and all fees and donations go back into the S4S fund to cover investigation costs, equipment repairs and new equipment as determined by the S4S Budget Committee which consists of the Founder, and the First Team Lead Investigator.


Search4Spirits Team​​​​



07 Sep 18 - Haunted 2nd floor, Chisolm, MN

​​​31 Aug 18 - Morgue, Branson, MO

​​25 Aug 18 - Night at the Cabin, special edition

​​17 Aug 18 - Old Buildings on State Property, MN

​​31 Jun 18 - Gypsy Cemetery, Union Township, Algona, IA

​​30 Jun 18 - Manilla School Intro, Manilla, IA

​​29 Jun 18 - Malvern Manor, Malvern, IA

​​15 Jun 18 - Grim Reaper, Minneapolis

​​10 Jun 18 - Home clearing, Glen, MN

​19 May 18 - Searching for ghosts in a ghost town, St. George Village

18 May 18 - Death in family stirs up spirits in house, St. Cloud, MN
21 Apr 18 - Return to Timber Lake Rd, New London, MN

​​30 Mar 18 - 17 Spirits in Auditorium, Central MN

​​24 Mar 18 - UFO Interview, Bigfork, MN
20 Mar 18 - Haunted dolls, Isanti, MN

02 Feb 18 - Koerners Korner, Morton, MN

​​​26 Jan 18 - Home clearing, Sartell, MN

​​14 Jan 18 - Bar and Grill, McLeod County, MN

​​06 Jan 18 - Bigfoot interviews, Itasca County, MN

19 Dec 17 - Home clearing, Randall, MN​​

16 Dec 17 - Final review, clearing of voodoo doll, St. Cloud, MN​​

​​02 Dec 17 - Bigfoot investigation, Chippewa National Forest​, MN

​​12 Nov 17 - Bigfoot encounter, Chippewa National Forest, MN

​28 Oct 17 - Ghost Arm reaches, Third Street IV upstairs, St. Cloud, MN

​​14 Oct 17 - Crossover before bldg. demolition, Little Falls, MN

​​06 Oct 17 - Transient Possession, Eagan, MN

​​17 Sep 17 - Battle with demon, Third Street III, St. Cloud, MN

​​15 Sep 17 - Third Street II, St. Cloud, MN

​​27 Aug 17 - Boy choked, Third Street I, St. Cloud, MN

​8 Jun 17 - Old Jail, Jerome, AZ

​​3 May 17 - Possession, Plymouth, MN

​​21 Apr 17 - Resident attacked after provoking. Rural Clearwater II, MN

​​14 Apr 17 - Ferguson Cemetery, Norwood Young America, MN

​​31 Mar 17 - Rural Cedar Mills farm

​​24 Mar 17 - Return to Timber Lake Road

​​19 Mar 17 - St. Cloud cemeteries

​11 Mar 17 - Timber Lake Road/Local Cemetery

​​12 Feb 17 - Spirit Cross Over, St. Cloud, MN

​​27 Jan 17 - Rural Clearwater, MN

1 Jan 17 - 4th Avenue II, St. Cloud
28 Oct 16 - House on 4th Avenue, St. Cloud, MN
21 Aug 16 - Soo Line Saloon, Remer, MN
5 May 16 - Theater 2PI, St. Cloud, MN

16 Apr 16 - Palmer House, Sauk Centre, MN
14 Mar 16 - Theater, St. Cloud, MN
26 Feb 16 - Plato Community Hall, Plato, MN
1 Jan 16 - Palmer House, Sauk Centre, MN
9 May 15 - Rural Biscay Farm, Biscay, MN

​​24 Apr 15 - Walcott boys farm, Faribault, MN
3 Sep 14 - Twin Lakes, Morrison County

​​23 Jul 14 - Annie Kintop Murder, Darling Township, Morrison County, MN

​​23 Aug 13 - An old Soldier, Little Falls, MN

​​​9 Feb 13 - Never Left Home, Glencoe, MN​​​​

​​11 Jan 13 - Three Spirit Farm III, Winthrop, MN​

10 Dec 12 - Three Spirit Farm II, Winthrop, MN

03 Dec 12 - Three Spirit Farm I, Winthrop, MN​​​​

​​20 Aug 12 - Gates of Hell, Elizabethtown, KY

17 Aug 12 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY​​

14 Aug 12 - Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, KY​​



​Talbott Tavern
Bardstown, KY
14 August 2012

I arrived at Talbott Tavern shortly before dusk. I had heard from a lady down the road that Jesse and Frank James had visited the establishment a few times and I was curious to see the place. It wasn't until I got inside that I realized the Tavern also was known for its paranormal activity. The kind ladies said I was welcome to visit the room upstairs that they heard was the most haunted, the Concord Room. With nothing but a camera, I commenced with the task at hand - a search for paranormal activity. And although I didn't find any unexplained images in my photos, the Talbott Tavern will forever be known as my first Search4Spirits.