Man & Woman
If You've got to have it

If she’s caught toddling with a man
While I am away
There will be an uninhabited park
For them to walk

If she sneaks a kiss with a man
While I am grabbing drinks from the bar
There will be a dark corner
For them to hide

Young woman, you’ve got to have it
Your way
And it will be given to you

If she gets drunk and dances with a man
Til the wee hours of the night
There will be love songs
For her to dance to

If she runs off with a man
Leaves me standing
There will be a wind
To carry her

Young woman, you’ve got to have it
Your way
And it will be given to you

And in the days that follow
I will toddle to my own tune
Kiss the girls, get drunk and dance
Then run off, my face into the wind

You’ve got to have it
Your way, and if you give enough away
What you seek will be given to you

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If You've got to have it

Tavern Lady

Memory of Her
Tavern Lady

Where the whiskey smiles
At women, and the boys
Laugh round a keg of beer
The tavern lady sang
Freshly pressed my pants

Her gray eyes stained blood red
And sweet voice calloused
Too many years in that wild
Old town saloon

For a bit here, a bit there,
That trickled down a hole
In her garments to her shoe
She sang for the boys

About hard living, about love
Neither she cared much about
Just a dream, and a wagon wheel
That someday would carry her away

Memory of Her

Her lips, my wine
Her love-making, my whiskey
On the rocks

Lucky to be alive
The ride, intoxicating
Lost the wheel, her high heels

Hit the ditch, her hand
Upon me, the confusion
Trees, muddy tire tracks

Led to darkness, nowhere
Put it in park, stumbled
To her door, saw blood

Upon her lips, my name
Whispered, then screamed
She rushed me

Knocked me down
On my back, I smelled leaves
Her hungry perfume

Never found my pants
In the dark forest, she danced
Her ominous brown eyes rolled back

Her weight held me
Down, her fingertips sparking
Tiny fires upon my chest

She dug them into me
Madly, a murmur
A moan as she swayed

Had nothing to do
With me, doped up
On wanton love, but

With the dark road
An abandoned night

Sweat in the darkness
Dripped silently from her twin
Towers, silhouetted, pointing

At the moon, droplets
Puddled on my stomach
When she moved slow

Sprayed about the leaves
When she drove fast
Sometimes so fast

A drumming in the night
Audible to the tree tops
Mixed with Whip-poor-will

I was about to crash
Yet my thoughts were troubled
Wasted on what I knew

It had nothing to do
With me

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