In the hours before they go into the light; they may reach out to you with one last message 
My Story
In the three days after my uncle's passing, I experienced events that confirmed to me that a spirit may in fact maintain a presence on Earth in the days between their death and before their passing into the light. Not that this is a golden after-life rule, but I believe if we are receptive, and the spirit attempts to communicate; then a connection can be made during this short period of time. I don't believe you are going to talk to them, but I do believe signals will be passed from them to you. And if you hadn't a chance to say it before they died; this period of time would be a good time to get things off your chest, and to tell them you love them.

In the two days following my uncle's death, my two aunts spent a lot of time with my family as we lived closer to where my uncle lived. We were all sitting in our living room discussing funeral details, when suddenly the television came on. Okay, that is weird, but not too weird. I mentioned to my aunts that when my uncle stayed with my family for a few days during his final battle with cancer, that he slept on our couch where they were sitting and always liked having the television on. We nervously laughed about it, and let it go at that. Then later that evening, when a few of us were visiting, it happened again. That time, we were a little freaked out. I still have that television, and other than those two times, that television had never turned on by itself before that day or has it ever since.

Also during those first days, I went to my uncle's house to retrieve items for the funeral. He lived in a small one-bedroom home, and usually when I stopped, I was in and out. The second time I went there, I noticed that his message machine was blinking (I hadn't noticed it blinking the first day I was there). I remembered my uncle telling me that he rarely received messages, so I was curious who would've called and hit the play button. It turned out there were seven or eight messages on his phone. On some, there were long silences, on at least two others I could hear small blurbs of what sounded like small children talking, and on one other, there was a man talking, but it sounded like he had his hand over the voicemitter and the conversation reminded me of an old movie in tone and conversation. My uncle was fond of old movies.

There was one other incident, but I am not going to mention it. People are going to think I am crazy enough.

Experiencing a loved one's message - JustAfterDeath
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