Search4Spirits Paranormal Investigation team
​Talbott Tavern
Bardstown, KY
14 August 2012

I arrived at Talbott Tavern shortly before dusk. I had heard from a lady down the road that Jesse and Frank James had visited the establishment a few times and I was curious to see the place. It wasn't until I got inside that I realized the Tavern also was known for its paranormal activity. The kind ladies said I was welcome to visit the room upstairs that they heard was the most haunted, the Concord Room. With nothing but a camera, I commenced with the task at hand - a search for paranormal activity. And although I didn't find any unexplained images in my photos, the Talbott Tavern will forever be known as my first Search4Spirits.
2012-2017 Investigations:​

28 Oct 17 - St. Cloud Third Street IV upstairs

​​14 Oct 17 - Little Falls Crossover at bldg. b4 demolition

​​06 Oct 17 - Eagan Apartment Transient Possession

​​17 Sep 17 - St. Cloud Third Street III basement Demon

​​15 Sep 17 - St. Cloud Third Street II

​​27 Aug 17 - St. Cloud Third Street I

​8 Jun 17 - Old Jail, Jerome, AZ

​​3 May 17 - Possession, MN

​​21 Apr 17 - Rural Clearwater II

​​14 Apr 17 - Ferguson Cemetery

​​31 Mar 17 - Rural Cedar Mills farm

​​24 Mar 17 - Return to Timber Lake Road

​​19 Mar 17 - St. Cloud cemeteries

​11 Mar 17 - Timber Lake Road/Local Cemetery

​​12 Feb 17 - Spirit Cross Over, St. Cloud

​​27 Jan 17 - Rural Clearwater, MN

1 Jan 17 - 4th Avenue II, St. Cloud
28 Oct 16 - House on 4th Avenue, St. Cloud, MN
21 Aug 16 - Soo Line Saloon, Remer, MN
5 May 16 - Theater 2PI, St. Cloud, MN

16 Apr 16 - Palmer House, Sauk Centre, MN
14 Mar 16 - Theater, St. Cloud, MN
26 Feb 16 - Plato Community Hall, Plato, MN
1 Jan 16 - Palmer House, Sauk Centre, MN
9 May 15 - Rural Biscay Farm, Biscay, MN

​​24 Apr 15 - Walcott boys farm, Faribault, MN
3 Sep 14 - Twin Lakes, Morrison County

​​23 Jul 14 - Annie Kintop Murder, Darling Township, Morrison County, MN

​​23 Aug 13 - An old Soldier, Little Falls, MN

​​​9 Feb 13 - Never Left Home, Glencoe, MN​​​​

​​Dec​​ 12/Jan 13 - Three Spirit Farm, Winthrop, MN​

​​20 Aug 12 - Gates of Hell, Elizabethtown, KY

17 Aug 12 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY​​



Paranormal Terminology:​

EVP - ​​Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Unexplainable voices/sounds that are not heard by the ear but are picked up by a audio recorder.

RVP - Radio Voice Phenomenon​​: Unexplained voices/sounds picked up off the spirit box or other radio-transmission type devices

AVP - Audible Voice Phenomena: Disembodied or Unexplaionable voices/sounds heard by the ear and often picked up on audio equipment. Also known as disembodied sounds. ​​

EMF - Electro Magnetic Field​​: Electrical energy which can be picked up by a hand-held tester. It is often reported that Spirits can affect an EMF reading.

PI - Paranormal Investigation​​

Ghost, Spirit of Voice Box - AM/FM frequency sweep radio device used by paranormal investigators. It is commonly perceived that this instrument, which sweeps multiple radio frequencies, allows the investigator to hear and possibility communicate with spirits.

Mystikologist - A person who is spiritually connected, gifted with psychic ability, and knowledgeable regarding the world of spirits, demons and ethereal beings, and their powers. ​​

S4S Measurements of paranormal activity or evidence:

​​​UNUSUAL - The chance of it occurring is slim but not impossible; may be able to recreate the event.

​UNEXPLAINABLE - So odd, I may have not seen it occur before and if I have seen it before, its occurrence is certainly rare.

​PARANORMAL -I generally reserve this title for those experiences that occur between our team members and an intelligent Spirit, Ghost, Energy. By intelligent, I mean it is directly reacting or responding to our voice or equipment.​​​

Note: All Audio clips are now enhanced unless noted as 'Actual.'​​