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Welcome to the "Real" haunted story page. I have started it off with a short story I was told by an acquaintance. If you have an experience to tell, email it to me at and I will include it on this page.
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Background: The battle of Gettysburg was fought July 1-3, 1863 in and around Gettysburg, Adams County, PA. Almost 8,000 soldiers were killed on the battlefield, around 27,000 soldiers were wounded, with many to die later of their wounds.

Give credit where credit is due.

This story comes from a kind fellow I met several years ago. He is a Civil War Re-enactor and takes to heart the hard times endured and the pain from human loss that occurred during the battles of the Civil War. This is the story he told me:

A local man had been driving his truck on one of the back roads near Gettysburg early that morning. When he rounded a bend, he saw Confederate-dressed soldiers stepping out from the thick woods. He slowed down, and eventually came to a stop, all the while watching what added up to be a company-sized element of soldiers. From his truck, the man could hear the clanking of the soldiers' tins and rifles as they milled around the field near the edge of the woods. After a bit, he headed on, but soon came across signs pointing to the set-up areas for the re-enactors. He thought, what the heck, and drove to the camping area where he came across a handful of tents, to include the tent of the fellow who told me this story. The man walked up to the campfire where the re-enactors were sitting and having their morning coffee. He told the few folks around the fire how impressed he was with them (as re-enactors). He explained in detail about how real the soldiers looked and acted. Then one of the re-enactors asked which re-enactment the man had gone to. He said he hadn't actually been to a re-enactment, he just saw them practicing out in the field early that morning. At that moment, all of the re-enactors sitting around the fire looked at each other. Then one of the re-enactors explained to the man that they were the only re-enactors there. The actual re-enactment didn't start until the upcoming weekend. I guess the old gentleman took a step backwards, and was silent as he reflected on his unexplained experience. Then he turned around, got in his truck and left.