Gates of Hell
Elizabethtown, KY

The Search4Spirits lasted approximately 2.5 hours on 20 Aug 2012. There were personal experiences to included seeing green eyes in the woods, a different small green light in the woods, a spider web-like feeling across the neck shortly after asking if someone had been hung there, unusual camera problems and eery and cold spots. The photos below stood out to me, and you can be the judge whether you think there is anything to them. I also have added an EVP and my comments on it below.
Russ V, Donald M,
Joanna M & Cynthia R
Internet background summary: The Kasey Cemetery, aka: Grandview Cemetery, Gates of Hell, Hell's Gates, is located at the end of St. John's Road. Many of the 1800-era gravestones have been broken. Area groups did repairs, but it just gets ravaged again. There are reports of a green orb, shadow figures, sounds in the woods, people getting run off by strange (living and/or unseeable) characters, demonic activities and more. Its a great place to visit for history, genealogy, ghost hunting, etc., just please don't wreck it for others. Leave it as you found it.
Two pictures taken one after the other. Is that something peeking out from behind that tree? It would have been a long shot to catch a reflection off a bug from that distance.
At left, This orb could be explained off as a bug reflection, but something about its placement and size vs. proximity makes it something to question. This orb-like light almost seems to be compressed up against the tombstone.
The large black mass that shades in this tree trunk has me saying, hmmm? It is very possible that the photographer's finger accidently covered a portion of the flash, or it may very well be a black shadow of a spirit. Note: Of all the other pictures that were taken, there were no other incidents of fingers over the flash.
You can make three of us out walking down the trail, the fourth is taking the picture, so who is standing off in the distance with a flashlight??? This may be a reflection off a bug, but as you notice in the other photos, none of the other bugs had this much reflection. I would say it is "unexplainable."
Now this was quite unusual. As you can see in the other photographs, there is the occasional bug that reflects off the flash, but this to me is truly unexplainable. It is either a mass movement of bugs or an orb shower. Out of the 100 plus photos we took, only four had this strange anomaly
This EVP requires headphones and a little volume, but you cannot miss it. It is of a heavy breathing (that is not my own) in triplicate.
Green Orb
Of all the spots and reflections on our photos, only this one had a green reflection. It would go along with past stories of the cemetery and the presence of a green orb. Although this one was not seen with the naked eye, on two occasions, small green lights were seen along the edge of the cemetery just inside the woods on the back side.
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