Dreams of the Dead
Whether loved or feared, there is a portal for the Dead to re-appear
Father's Trip

I saw my father, his spirit in step with my mother as she made her way down the busy street (We were to meet for lunch that day).

He did not look around. He did not look at her. He only followed along as if trying to keep up with her. He occasionally stepped up to her side, but did so as if a shadow that adjusted with the angle of the sun. I am not sure why I saw him. It was obvious my mother did not.

I ran to catch up, and as I did, he suddenly took notice of my presence. He left my mother's side and swiftly headed toward the road. I followed, the image of his body having now turned into a black mist. There was a bus, like any city bus, waiting on the side of the road. Its doors open. My father's mist disappeared. I ran up the steps of the bus, and looked at the faces. It was filled with elderly people. And when I asked aloud to no one in particular, "Why are you leaving?" I got a lot of strange looks. I did not see my father on the bus, nor a mist or anything. But I will swear to you that his words came to me, and he said, "I can’t stay." 

As the bus took off, I walked down the street, headed to catch back up with mother. I imagined that this bus carried loved ones, who possibly had earned through good deeds on Earth, a chance to come back. It didn’t make any sense. Get off the bus and look human, float around the human world, then get back on the bus and head back to . . . Heaven? Then I thought, It didn't have to make sense

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Father's Trip

Xmas Encounter
Xmas Encounter

2011 - My father was at his usual spirit age, that of a youthful and healthy looking 32ish, in the years before his heart condition aged him and eventually took him from us at the age of 38.

On the eve of Christmas Day, he came to me in a dream. There was a small house (that I was unfamiliar with) where I met him. My mother and sister were there in a dream presence, but not of complete being nor were they able to speak. The three of them wandered aimlessly through the rooms. I was the only one who had control over my presence, and I stayed in the main (living) room where I took time to put what was happening into perspective, while watching them come and go.

I tried to get my father to settle in one spot, and with coaxing (he was aware of my presence and my attempts to communicate with him), we went outside. It was summer, and there was a park nearby. I pointed to a picnic table, and said, lets go sit there. Enroute I was finally able to communicate with him. I hoped I could get intellectual memory responses.

My first question to him was, "Who was he with in Heaven?" He immediately responded with "Grandpa." (His responses not voiced, but easily understood) "And," I said, encouraging more. "And others," he replied.

It was a generic answer. I wanted proof that this was truly my father's spirit; just to look like him was not enough. So I focused my questions.

I asked if he had been able to see when his brother (who has now passed) and I had spent time together over the years hunting and fishing. He only responded with "You lived over fifty miles apart." We had lived over fifty miles apart when I was in St. Cloud and my uncle in Hector, but his response was once again vague. We had just reached the picnic table. My mother's and sister's spirits had followed. I sat on the far side of the table and father sat across from me. Mother sat next to him, and my sister next to me.

I was frustrated, and I am sure it showed in my face and in the tone of my voice when I asked my next question.

"Can you tell me of a specific time when you saw me or were with me?" He looked distressed either due to my frustration or perhaps his lack of ability to respond to the questions. The emotion in his response surprised me, and it came at me in a flurry of energy. He said, "I was there with you when you were near death. Do you remember the flashing green light? That was me!" I teared up at this part because it is the only response I have received from him over the years that I recall emotion in his message.

I didn't remember the blinking green light. But I wanted to keep going. Father had stood up now and paced at the end of the table near me. I asked, "Are there Angels? Are you our Angel?"

He stopped and looked at me, and replied. "It has been too long now." I interpreted it to mean 'too long since his death,' meaning maybe he had been an Angel for a while but couldn't anymore. Then his image started to fade. I immediately re-reflected on his last response. Perhaps he meant his time communicating with me had been too long.

Father turned and headed towards a flower garden in the park. In the center was a gothic-style building. I got up from the picnic table and caught up with him. When I looked over at him, there was a transition occurring between my father an older man I didn't recognized. "Dad?" I asked trying to focus him back. We continued to walk. The apparition of the old man turned into a woman for a short bit, then suddenly a different woman in her seventies appeared, all dressed in black with an older era black hat on. She was the first one to look over at me as if she could actually sense that someone was walking next to her. "What is going on?" I asked her.

She had a very sweet voice. "There are so many others trying to get through," she said, following it up with a pleasant smile. I looked down and realized we were now in the garden. I took a quick glance around at all the flowers, and when I looked back - She was gone.