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Reign Victorian
Where: Marcell, MN
Year: 2008
With: 30-30 Win Lever
Story: 8-point buck snuck up a trail behind me just at dawn on the opener. I turned almost completely around in the tree stand before getting off the shot.
Russ Victorian
Where: Marcell, MN
Year: 2010
With: 45-70 Lever
Story: On opening morning, two bucks were fighting off to my left behind the pines where I couldn't see them. This buck came from my right and was headed for the action.
Jim Henneberry
Where: Marcell, MN
Year: 2008
With: 300 Pump
Story: Last day of my hunt. We tracked some deer the morning before after a light snow, then guessed where they would come through the next morning, and it worked.
Ed Krystosek
Where: Fourtown, MN
Year: 2009
With: 1903-A3 Springfield 30-06
Story: Last day of the hunt while home on R&R from Iraq. It was 10 degrees when the buck walked up and stood broadside at 40 yards.
Austin Landkammer
Where: Sauk Centre, MN
Year: 2010
With: 12 GA Slug
Story: An hour after first light on the opener, I watched this 10-point buck work his way down a small ditch cut toward my stand. He stopped 50 yards out to work a scrape, giving me a good shot at my first deer.
Cory Oltmann
Where: Sauk Centre. MN
Year: 2010
With: Compound Bow
Story: I set up in a natural ground blind in the corner of a corn field overlooking a funnel between two swamps. At sunset, I saw this guy stand up in the cattails. He didn't move for five minutes, so I grunted a few times. And with 10 minutes of shooting time left, he finally came my way, offering a 15-yard shot.
Michelle Doerr
Where: Marshall, MN
Year: 2012
With: Compound Bow
Story: This doe wandered around the field for over an hour before coming into bow range with 10 minutes of shooting life left. "My first deer with a bow!"
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