Abominable snowman






Signs of Bigfoot

Branches or trees that have been bent down over trails to minimalize traffic to certain areas

Trees that have been crossed over to point are thought to be directional markers for bigfoot

Rock and wood knocks are two ways cryptids may communicate. In this audio, there are two clear rock knocks we picked up while investigating a Minnesota bigfoot sighting.

Varieties of whoop-sounding vocals also are a way for cryptids to communicate. This is a potential whoop that the Search4Spirits team collected on audio.

The Question is: 

What then?

Just what do we intend to do if we track down a bigfoot or bigfoot family in their home space. Give up their location so people from all over the world would race in and chase them out of their safe space. 

That is exactly the question I was broached with the last time I was out on a search4bigfoot.

Who asked? Good question. In at least two of our search areas, there are a combination of spirits, and potentially bigfoot, using the same space/portal. Was it a bigfoot in spirit form or just a spirit that asked me?

During a previous bigfoot encounter, I definitely had communications with something, and it asked me if I would help protect the area so there would be less traffic where they moved about.

Sure, I, like any crypto enthusiast, would like to complete my quest to actually see a bigfoot. Could I then back off and leave them alone to live their lives. I think so. 

I have been very close to bigfoot on several occasions, but have never actually seen one. You will know when I have finally had a sighting, because I more than likely will remove this page soon after.