Annie Kintop Murder
Darling Township, MN



​Anne 'Annie' Kintop Murder Site​​

​​Date: 23 July 2014

Time: 915 pm to 1130 pm

​Darling Township, Morrison County, MN

​Russ V, Jesse S, Vanessa P, Simon P, Daniel V, Rachel V, and Troy G​

Equipment Used:
Digital recorders 2, ​​​Multi-spectrum video camera, Digital camera, and ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Tester with temperature reader
The more intriguing evidence came from public property near where we estimated the body had been found. In the first digital recording (top, left), you will hear a feminine screech (scream)? The screech can also be heard on the video recording, at left, (which debunks a possible malfunction in the digital recorder). As you can see, there is no reaction to the sound by the investigator, and of the five investigators that were on hand at that moment, none of them had heard the screech with their ears. I am concluding it was an EVP-picked up on a recording but not heard by the human ear.

O​​n the second digital recording, one of the guest investigators asked a question and it is immediately followed by a whistle response (listen closely). It is followed by another investigator telling the crew he is getting a high reading on the EMF reader.
On the bench in the left photo their appears to be something manifesting itself, while in the second photo it has almost completely disappeared. It could be a bug, but it is much larger and of a different consistency than bug or dust spots. It was noted that several guest investigators felt uncomfortable near both benches in the cemetery. One guest investigator was even scratched while taking a picture of one of the benches. We only spent time in the cemetery because we were told that a ghost apparition of a man had been seen near the gate.

On April 10, 1905, Anne 'Annie' Kintop, 24, of Darling Township, was murdered by either strangulation or blunt force trauma to the head, or possibly the result of both. Her body was found days later in a clump of willows in a nearby swamp. The murder has yet to be solved.

​​Annie was returning home from a visit with her sister in Little Falls​, had made it as far as the Darling Station by train. After visiting for some time, she came to the conclusion that she was probably going to have to walk the last 1.5 miles home. She left the station around 7 pm and was never seen alive again.

Many believe her spirit still haunts an area church. Local residents contacted Search4Spirits and requested an investigation be completed to see if any proof of Annie's continued presence could be documented.

My research led me to believe that perhaps the murder took place outside the church, nearer where the old road and the railroad passed through.​​
Several bugs showed off their antics in the video recordings, but this orb, which went tearing off, is quite suspicious. It didn't move like the other bugs observed in the taping from that night, but can I declare it to be a spirit orb? You be the judge. It is hard to see and you may have to play the clip three times before you get a good visual of it. It is moving pretty fast.​