An Old Soldier
Little Falls, MN

The Investigation: ​​​​23 Aug 13
Location: Military Installation​

​​After 10 years, I was able to return to my most memorable paranormal experience, an old WWII-era billeting area at a military camp. I will not get into the telling of the original story as it is already on this website, but I will tell you that my return visit provided just as interesting experiences.

As I couldn’t remember the exact building, I recruited three others who were eager to participate. We began the investigation at 10 pm, with each of us covering a building. The plan was to spend 20 minutes near a window or door and listen for any activity inside – my previous experience had involved considerable amounts of noise and activity so I figured we would be able to hear this from outside the buildings.

Three of the four of us had no activity, but the fourth guy hit the jackpot and had probably found the building where I had my earlier experiences.

He was walking up to his building—a large orange moon was out, and he could easily see his shadow against the building as he advanced. He just happened to be watching his shadow when a shadow figure of equal height raced path in front of him from right to left. He stopped in his tracks, and when he did, there was a faint yet recognizable raspy voice that said, “Go away.”

Moments later, there was a considerable amount of noise from behind him in a tin hut. (We later identified it as the locks on the door being jiggled.) He said the noise was loud and sounded like a person making the noise vs. the wind, of which there was very little of the latter.

As a good ghost hunter would, he grabbed his phone, the only electronic device he had, and attempted to use the recorder to try and catch some of the activity, but the recorder would not work. He then attempted to use video, and to his dismay, the video player on his camera also did not work.

By this time, he was standing in the middle of the road and not eager to be near either location. That is when I walked up with the others. He quickly told us the story, and I decided it would be a good idea to spend more time at that location. I was disappointed that I had not brought along my complete investigation kit as I wasn’t expecting to be doing the investigation on this night; it was a last minute decision.

But then, he exclaims, hey, it’s working now. And surprisingly, as we sat there listening and watching for any other activity, both the video and recording options on his phone now worked. We immediately started recording, hoping to pick up an electronic voice phenomena EVP.

I decided to attempt to pick up EVPs by the tin hut, since that was the last location he had heard activity. Two of us walked over and entered one of the buildings. I asked a number of questions from inside the building. Then I sent the other two with the recorder to try to get responses from the adjacent tin shed. The original jingling he said could have come from either one.

We decided to listen to the recording. But, just before the recorder was shut off, there was another estranged voice heard. This time, it was a woman’s voice. We had heard music earlier coming from a park down the road, and wrote the voice off to a loud laugh of a female probably from the park. Although, it was caught on tape and sounded like it could have been an estranged spirit voice as well.

We attached the phone to a set of speakers and listened with our ears right up to the speakers. You should have seen the heads pop up when the sound of a voice, not one of ours, came from the speaker.

It was a response to one of my questions in the first tin hut. I had asked on two occasions what their name was. On the second question, a response came back, and although it was breathy and barely audible, we all heard the distinct response, “Harry.”

For an investigation that lasted no more than an hour, and with extremely limited equipment, I was happy with the experiences we had and the EVP evidence we picked up.

Note: For security reasons, the picture above is not the actual site, yet this photo gives off a similar aura as the actual site.