4th Avenue II​
St. Cloud, MN

Investigation info:
​Location: ​House on 4th Avenue, St. Cloud, MN​
​​Date: 1 January 2017
​Time: 9 pm to 12:30 am
​Russ, Mark

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Infrared video camera 3, Digital camera, EMF reader

Investigator Evidence:
- Having both had a major experience in the closet in the spare bedroom on the first investigation, we focused in on it again during the second trip. Mark noticed he was getting a pain in his upper back every time he tried to work that area.
- During the first investigation, we communicated with four distinct ghosts on the voice box. But we were surprised on this investigation to find several other ghosts had joined the party. The names we picked up were: Phillip, Cole, Daddy, Cat, and Beth. And many of them were very willing to communicate and respond to questions. There were so many more responses than what are on the video, but in many cases, they are harder to hear and I felt that listeners would find them hard to hear.​
Below, Video from the 2nd investigation on 4th Avenue