4th Avenue​
St. Cloud, MN

Investigation info:
​Location: ​House on 4th Avenue, St. Cloud, MN​
​​Date: 28 October 2016
​Time: 9 pm to 12:30 am
​Russ, Mark

Equipment Used:
Digital recorder 2, ​​​Infrared video camera 3, Digital camera, EMF reader

Investigator Evidence:
- High EMF reading when entering walk-in closet, with both investigators experiencing an electrical-like energy surge passing by/thru them as if they had pinned a spirit in the closet and it was chased out passed them.
- A few articles of clothing had been thrown on the floor in front of the washer. The location was identified by an investigator, and on a second trip downstairs, the clothed had been moved about three feet away.

​​- ​​​​Despite the furnace being shut off, we experienced at least two hot spots/swings. On one occasion we recorded a temperature swing of more than 10 degrees where the temperature rose all the way up, then went back down again without us moving.​ Click on smaller video directly below.
In his words, he woke up on October 3, 2016, to find three spirits hovering near his bed. There was a woman on each side of the bed, and an African-American male at the end. All were dressed in 1920-30s-era clothing, and all three spirits appeared to be supported by a deep blue light emitted from a large orb above their bed. They appeared on three nights. On one occasion, one of the female spirits moved too close to his girlfriend and he feared for her safety, so he grabbed his phone and turned it on. The light made the spirits move on. The last night he saw them, he asked the spirits to go. They did, at least he hasn't seen them since. But he still feels their presence. That's when they called Search4Spirits. Read the rest of the story below.
A big thanks to my wife, Tammy, for putting together this artist sketch of the scene that had been experienced by the residents.
...In addition to seeing the spirits by his bed, there also were voices and music heard coming up thru the vents and drains. One day when he heard voices, he bent down to the vent and heard one spirit call the other by name, Emma, and said something to the affect: I think they know were here. Which was quite an understatement since the homeowner had physically seen their ghostly apparitions on more than one occasion.

I put in an extended amount of research into this investigation, and unfortunately, could not match up any names of previous homeowners or local deaths with the names of the spirits that we identified during the investigation, to include Milo, Padro, and Emma. So who are these people and why are they there?​​

The homeowner did not recognize any of the spirits as deceased (or living) members of his or his girlfriend's ​​family. Sometimes, spirits may show up bedside because they are trying to get your attention. In this case, the homeowner seems to have sensitivities when it comes to spirits. Let me ask you this question: How many people would stay in that bed after seeing spirits hovering over you. Not many. This man may be experiencing spirits because they can sense that he has medium capabilities that just need honing and perhaps they are trying to get a message to him.

The idea of spirits attempting to speak to the living via dreams and at night when the living are in their most quiet and peaceful states is not an uncommon phenomenon​​. Not going to get into all that here. But I can tell you this: We are already planning a follow up to gather additional details, and hopefully provide some peace for both the living and non-living residents of that house.


Below, Audio and Video from the investigation on 4th Avenue in St. Cloud, MN