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A second trip to the Palmer House in Sauk Centre provides even more documentable paranormal activity.
The Paranormal Investigation team heads completed two investigations in the new year, to include an investigation of the Plato Community Hall.
Added a list of Hauntings reported to Search4Spirits in 2015
Our preliminary visit to the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN provided some interesting EVPs. We look forward to a return visit for a full investigation.
The Paranormal Investigation Team explored a site near Biscay, MN.​​

Attended a paranormal expo in Faribault. It included a paranormal investigation of the old boys farm, State Hospital site. See how it went by visiting the Walcott boys farm page.
Added a blog page!!!!!.

An old bell lay in a cemetery. Who knows the story behind why it was there? it is a great addition to the Iron Art collection on the Vic's Pics page.

​​The Paranormal Investigation Team completed an investigation at Twin Lakes in Morrison County, MN, that resulted in some very unusual grey masses showing up in photos, one of a face?!. We also have a clip of a voice letting out a lonely, drawn out call from somewhere on the lake.

​​​The Search4Spirits team headed to Darling Township, Morrison County, to investigate the 1905 murder site of Annie Kintop. See and hear what evidence was found and whether I think Annie's spirit still resides with the living.

​​New page, Three Doors to Mississippi, a poem page dedicated to my visit to the State of Mississippi, including the new poem, Woman in the Chair.

​​New Photos of Elizabeth, KY added to 'Inside the City.'

A second and a third Search4Spirits at the ThreeSpiritFarm. Here what we caught on tape, and see the pictures.

None for Nun added to the the Uncoherent Text Page.

Added the Inside a City Page, a photo page within Vic's Pics. It contains pics I took in downtown Hattiesburg, MS; images from the alleys and those that most would not normally notice.
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Tears for my Baby
This tale follows a young mother through the birth and the sudden death of her baby while living alone in the north woods. The mother’s battle to deal with her loss takes a twist through the dark pines like a story told around the bonfire late at night.

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The Belfry
​​The old country school is about to close its doors forever-on the good ole days. For the students in attendance that final year—they will carry with them a more surreal collection of memories, to include the death of one of their own.

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The Gravel Pit
​​When things started disappearing from his shed, Francis assumed it was just neighborhood kids getting into mischief. So one Friday night, he waited for them; even laughed about how he would scare them. Things didn’t go so well for Francis when it wasn’t kids who showed up after dark.

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When I cannot think with purity or clarity, I realize I have a sudden need, an urgency, to leave the house, to leave the city, to leave my body. It is only then, I can move about in freedom to search for the footprints which will lead me to where I need to go.